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Lesson Learned is a bizarro tower defense on Xbox and PC

Lesson Learned Key Art
Lesson Learned is now on Xbox and PC

You may have knowledge of Lesson Learned, what with a previously free release of a prologue in Lesson Learned: Cult of the Elizabeth. Now the full game becomes available for play. Ready for the most bizarre tower defense you are likely to ever see?

A full tower defense

Available to play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC is Lesson Learned. It’s from those at Gaming Factory, following on from the prologue adventures of Lesson Learned: Cult of the Elizabeth. This time around we join Frank as he works his way through history, enjoying a daydream like no other, gathering up resources, building defensive towers, fighting back all evil, managing minions. 

It all sounds a bit good if you ask us, especially as decent tower defense experiences are pretty few and far between. When you consider that Lesson Learned can be played alone or in co-op split-screen form with a friend, it just gets better still. 

Key features

  • CLASSIC TOWER DEFENSE – Where there are towers there must be waves of enemies! Travel through six different historical periods. On your way, you will encounter great warriors and leaders who have written themselves on the pages of history, of course in a slightly changed form. This world is full of strange and demonic creatures.
  • TOWERS, UPGRADES, AND MINIONS – Collect resources such as wood and stone to build and upgrade defensive towers. In addition to the slingshot, they will be your main defense against opponents. Use your helpers in battle, assign them simple tasks and defend your base!
  • CO-OP AND SINGLE-PLAYER GAME MODES – Embark on this amazing adventure in this crazy world either solo or with a bunch of your best friends in split-screen co-op mode.

Buy now!

Give the trailer below a watch and then make your way to the Xbox Store for game purchasing. Lesson Learned is playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S for £8.39.

If you’d prefer to play on PC, then hit up Steam. 

Stay tuned for a review. 

Lesson Learned Description

Help Frank travel through history in this unique approach to the tower defense genre. Enter a bizarre daydream world in co-op or solo mode. Gather resources, build defense towers, and manage your minions. Take up the challenge and defeat the incoming enemies!

Help Frank on his journey through history and enter the bizarre world of dreams! Gather resources, gain allies, build towers and fend off waves of unique enemies. Face a horde of cavemen, a legion of French soldiers, or medieval knights. Free your classmates to expand your minions and use their help to get out of this fluttering sleep.

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