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For more than a decade the Just Dance series has got people up and moving, building with each version through new songs, moves and features. Just Dance 2023 promises to do that once more, ushering forth a new era of dance. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and Nintendo Switch, Just Dance 2023 is the latest instalment of what should well be known as the greatest music video game franchise of all time, following on from Just Dance 2022, Just Dance 2021 and more…

Having first rocked up on the Nintendo Wii back in 2009, Ubisoft have honed what is required of a dance game, pushing it out to pretty much every format since. So it comes as a little bit of a surprise to see that Just Dance 2023 is a new-gen only game, one that is ditching the older Xbox One and PS4 consoles. 

It’s a risky move, but it’s one that Ubisoft have obviously considered, feeling that to move forward with new ideas, a new type of machine is required. 

So what are you getting in Just Dance 2023? Well, it’s all about the ‘new’ and whilst there are quite obviously new songs to dance to – including the likes of BTS should you need it – there is also an all-new online multiplayer experience taking place, one that plays on the personalisation, the immersion and the never-ending dance opportunities that are in place. 

New song playlists will keep you moving for a decent long time, whilst the chance to host a Private Group and drag your mates in will ensure Just Dance 2023 feels like a local dance-off, powered by the online worlds. 

From there, you should know what you need to do – get up and DANCE!

Key features include:

  • • Online multiplayer: Now you can play Just Dance with whoever you want, wherever they are. Host a Private Group and invite up to five other players from your Friends list to join and play like you’re all in the same living room!
  • • New user interface: Thanks to a new, more modern, and intuitive user interface, everything is one click away: playlists, game modes, and songs! More time dancing, less time searching!
  • • Personalized experiences: Get a personalized experience with custom-made sessions and songs tailored to your preferences and playing habits. Also keep track of your progress on your account and keep tab of your scores!

We’ll be running a full review of Just Dance 2023 in the days ahead, but for now you can find the download of the game that you need available from the usual digital stores. It’s on PS5 and Nintendo Switch, as well as Xbox Series X|S – if you’re playing on Xbox, then the Xbox Store will sort you out. 

Better still? Just Dance 2023 comes in three flavours. You’ve got the Standard Edition for £49.99 with a month of Just Dance+ included, the Deluxe Edition for £59.99, adding in 3-months of the Just Dance+ pass or the Ultimate Edition (£72.99) which will play host to a whole year (12 months) of that pass. You might want that Just Dance+ Pass too as it adds a ton of songs from previous games – something the Let’s Sing franchise could learn a thing or two from.

Game Description:

Welcome to a new era of dance with Just Dance® 2023 Edition! For the first time ever, dance to BTS with “Dynamite” and other top chart hits! Now with new online multiplayer, personalization, 3D immersive worlds, and new songs and modes year-round,* you can experience a never-ending dance party all year long!

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