A seriously busy week in the world of Xbox has been and gone, but what were the best news and reviews stories from the last seven days? We take a look back at our favourite Xbox One and 360 reports.

The biggest news for many race fans is the return of a big name favourite to the Xbox 360 racing scene. GRID: Autosport. Currently scheduled for a late June release, Autosport will be bringing five styles of driving (including long night races), sponsorships, 22 different locations and more than 100 tracks to the 360. Throw in an online mode which will see the introduction of racing clubs, the usual Codies RaceNet and weekly challenges and it looks like the guys over at Codemasters are on to a bit of a winner. It’s a shame we aren’t seeing it on Xbox One but any form of GRID is a good thing and we’ll just have to be content with seeing it on 360…at least for now.

Alongside the big racing news, we also caught a glimpse of what else is to come in June with a rather stunning multiplayer gameplay demo video for Watch Dogs. We were already pretty hyped for the game but after watching the nine minute video below, our excitement meters have gone off the scale. Take a look and you’ll also see how the companion app will work.

If you can’t wait until June and are more interested in the here and now, then the following articles provide you with a fair bit of info with regards to some recently released games and downloadable content.

We’ve also spent the last week checking out Kinect Sports Rivals on Xbox One. If you’re after a fun-filled game then you may want to look elsewhere as even with the new upgraded Kinect system, Rivals fails to bring an experience that is anything other than frustrating. There is the odd good sport, with bowling and wake-racing being firm favourites but tennis and rock climbing just lets the whole side down.

kinect sports wake

Two things that are looking very good however are Habitat and Source. We love a bit of Kickstarter and love it even more when we see some exciting new projects that will be making their way to Xbox 360 or Xbox One. These two will hopefully be coming to the latter and both excite us immensely. Have a read of our articles, Habitat just here whilst Source can be found here, and if you like what you see then why not jump over and give them a hand reaching their funding targets.

And I’ll finish this weeks roundup by expressing my disappointment at the news Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is to become the latest title suckered into the murky world of microtransactions. I reviewed the game when it first came out and although I’m amazed it’s still on my ‘currently played’ list, I certainly don’t want to see the superb fun it brings ruined by the introduction of ‘paid for’ items. It’s not needed and my just turn the game into a cash cow. Shame!

plants vs zombies pic 3

Anyways, apologies for ending on a downer, I think I’ll have to go cheer myself up by chasing down some more plants right now.



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