Another week filled with numerous Xbox news has been and gone, but did you miss a big story? Let us look back at the best Xbox One and Xbox 360 articles from the last seven days.

Two reviews dropped onto the TXH pages last week as we took a look at a couple of pieces of Trials Fusion content. Firstly, the Riders of the Rustlands DLC took us away from the bright Fusion lights and into the depths of the wastelands that accompany the usual Trials tracks. With eight new tracks available to check out, our review goes into depth and tells you why the Rustlands should be a purchase for many. Additionally, we grabbed a peek at the new Empire of the Sky content as well and our thoughts on that can be found here. If you have only £4 to spend, then we advise you to most defintely check out the latter of the two first.


News wise and it was a week of announcing release dates for a number of titles and whilst we’re excited to see both LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham and ESCAPE Dead Island 2 both get themselves a confirmed date, the real big stories surrounded a couple of other titles. Assassin’s Creed Unity was originally due to release on Xbox One at the end of November but the team need a few extra weeks so they can bring us the most exceptional of game and Ubisoft have put the release back just a little. It’ll now release on the exact same day as the Xbox 360 sees AC Rogue and so if you’re a fan of the stabby stabby assassin type you may wish to get saving!

And then we have a release date for what is one of the most anticipated games on the TXH calendar. The Saints are back and Johnny Gat dives into hell with a standlone expansion entitled Saints Row: Gat out of hell. You’ll want to read up on this one so click the link and prepare to get excited….especially if you’re an Xbox One owner.

saints row gat

We also brought you a few other details, most notably the fact that September is nearly with us and it’s time for some new Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles to be given away for free. The Games With Gold scheme has proven to be a superb addition to the Xbox Live Gold membership and free things are always good!

Finally, four articles that we loved to see drop in the last seven days saw us tell you about the tunes and radio stations that will be available in Forza Horizon 2, and notice of two new Xbox One games; Deathtrap which is coming later this year and Stick It To The Man which is out right now (we’ve got a full review hitting home soon). Oh, and will your expensive wheels and pedals work with Project CARS? Check out the full list of confirmed accessories.

Catch ya next week.

project cars pic 2

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