saints row gat

There were teases, there were rumours but now something has been announced. The Saints are on the way back….and this time they are also coming to the next generation of consoles!

Announced today at at the Volition PAX panel in Seattle, Saints Row: Gat out of hell will see Jonny Gat whisked into another dimension, coming face to face with The Devil. It will be available as a standalone expansion costing around $20 (look at around £16 for the UK) and you won’t need the original Saint Row IV to play it.

Gat out of hell will be coming to Xbox 360, but it’s the journey the Saints will be making to Xbox One on Jan 27th 2015 that really excites us, even if it isn’t a full on next gen Saints Row title, just seeing it on Xbox One is more than good enough.

Permission to get excited granted!


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