GameMill Entertainment have today announced that Organic Panic will be making its way to Xbox One and PS4.

Whilst we also expect to see the game appear on PC in the Spring, the console versions will arrive in March 2016 – Organic Panic is a side scrolling physics based puzzle platformer from the team at Last Limb. Powered by the DAFT (Destructible and Fluid Technology) Engine, the kooky action title has completely destructible environments and dynamic liquids. Near on everything in game can be messed around with as you search for ways to overcome problems and pass through obstacles. With over 200 levels of mind boggling challenges, you’ll be left swapping four elementally charged heroes – Cherry, Kiwi, Carrot and Coconut – in a war against the evil technological empire of the Meats and Cheeses.

With the chance to play alone, or with four players in a local co-op or versus multiplayer mode, fast paced chaos is sure to reign!

“True to a game about fighting food families, Organic Panic is the product of years of hard work alongside my brother, Damon, and we’re so excited to finally bring it to these two new communities,” said Anatole Branch, co-founder of Last Limb. “It’s got a lighthearted, old-school attitude that makes it a blast for sharing with friends and family on the couch.”



We will of course keep you fully up to date with all things Organic. Don’t panic!



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