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AIPD announced and coming with 100,000 game modes!


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Blazing Badger are bringing their top down co-op twin stick shooter to our consoles in May and with it will come a possible 100,000 game modes!

Paying homage to some classic 80’s neon art styles (think of Minestorm or Tron!), AIPD is the debut title from indie developers Blazing Badger. It’ll come with the option to design your own game modes and will potentially give you 100,000 different combinations.

You’ll also have the chance to adjust your ship’s equipment to suit you, team up with friends via local co-op, place as high as you can on the online leaderboards, take in some randomized time senstitive challenges and much more.

It’ll be dropping on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, hopefully in May 2015 but if you are visiting GDC in San Francisco next week, you’ll be able to lay a prototype already as AIPD is showed at the Unreal Engine Booth.

Things all looks pretty frantic…just like good twin stick shooters should be!

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