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Cash is good. Cash is great. £10k of cash for playing videogames is even better! You could however be doing just that thanks to a Battlefield Hardline competition.

EA have today announced and launched Battlefield Hardline: Live, a competition giving you and others around the world the chance to lead a crew through a high adrenaline experience that could see you winning £10,000.

You can enter right now at with the Battlefield Hardline: Live show drawing inspiration from three of Hardline’s new game modes – Heist, Blood Money and Rescue. It’ll be running at a secret London location between the 18th-25th March 2015 with a one hour controlled yet fully immersive experience which will see the winning crew leader claim that cool £10k.

Would you keep the winnings or share it amongst your fellow crew members?

Dan Sheridan (@EA_ActionMan), UK Social & Community Marketing Manager, said:

“We hope our fans in the UK enjoy this real-world competition inspired by Battlefield Hardline. If I had some advice for crews taking part, I’d say focus on playing the objective (PTO), play as a team and define a winning strategy!”

Battlefield Hardline will be available Friday 20th March 2015 on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC.

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