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All aboard – Tram Simulator: Urban Transit stops off on Xbox, PC and PlayStation


Tram Simulator Urban Transit
Tram Simulator Urban Transit is on Xbox, PlayStation and PC

Looking in from the outside and you may think the plethora of ‘transport sims’ available on console feel a bit niche. Go deeper, and the tram side of that is even more so. But there are a surprising number of these games available on console now, with the latest being that of Tram Simulator: Urban Transit.

Available right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S is Tram Simulator: Urban Transit. It’s also on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC through Epic and the Microsoft Store, joining a previous Steam stop. It’s going up against the likes of TramSim: Console Edition.

Get on those trams

Tram Simulator: Urban Transit comes from astragon Entertainment and stillalive Studios, they previously behind the likes of Bus Simulator 21 and the Tram Extension of that game. This time around players are thrown into the fictional US metropolis of Angel Shores as they – once again – build out their own public transport company. 

It goes without saying, but it’s the trams which are front and centre of Tram Simulator: Urban Transit. It’s here where fans of the streetcar get the opportunity to manage the route network of the entire city and to prove their skills as a tram driver.

Starting a new company will see you given several game modes to choose from. It’s here where the Story Mode leads players to success as part of a campaign comprising more than 10 exciting missions, whilst the Career Mode offers the opportunity to develop their company completely freely while keeping an eye on their finances.

There’s also a Sandbox Mode in which you can enjoy gaming fun without limits – thanks to unlimited financial resources, the chance to expand the company completely freely takes place. Meanwhile, newcomers can also look forward to a dedicated Driving School that familiarizes them step by step with the interactive cockpits and the controls of the trams.

Route editor awaits

Want more? Great, because that’s what you are getting. There’s a sophisticated route editor in Tram Simulator: Urban Transit, letting you create your own tram lines, to optimize the timetables to meet the needs of the city and then, of course, drive the trams by themselves or with the help of the company’s AI tram drivers. And if you’re looking to expand your fleet, players can choose from six tram models including detailed, interactive cockpits, as well as three different tram types, each in two lengths.

Whatever, during their journeys, players not only have to keep an eye on the route and traffic – they also have to deal with numerous random events, sell tickets and check the tickets of passengers traveling with them in order to catch fare dodgers. 

Don’t think you need to do this alone though. Friends can join via cooperative multiplayer for up to 4 players. And whilst PC versions of the game are PC cross-play capable, there’s cross-gen multiplayer support available on consoles, allowing Xbox Series X|S players to play with Xbox One players and PlayStation 5 players to play with PlayStation 4 players to lead their shared public transport company to success as team. 

Key game features

  • Transport passengers through Angel Shores and drop them off at different stations
  • Follow traffic rules and steer your tram through the lively city Unique tram control: Each tram possesses a distinct driving feel, making every ride an unique experience
  • Deal with different weather scenarios, day and night cycles and traffic obstacles
  • Collect in-game profit for successful activities as you master the art of successful tram
  • Manage your tram company: create timetables, take care of new stops and the rail network Upgrade and expand your fleet
  • Play the way you want: Learn the ropes in the “Driving School” tutorial or dive straight into your preferred game mode.
  • Different game modes: story, career and sandbox with multiplayer option for all three modes
  • Cross-Platform multiplayer (Tram Simulator only): Connect with friends via PC cross-play (e.g., Steam & Epic) and console cross-gen support (PS4 with PS5 / Xbox One with Xbox Series X|S)

Buy now!

Tram Simulator Urban Transit is found on the Xbox Store, playable for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It’s priced at £16.99. It’s on PlayStation and PC too. 

Better still, owners of astragon’s Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop – Season Pass or the Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop – Official Tram Extension automatically receive free access to Tram Simulator Urban Transit. The game will be added to the game library automatically and can be downloaded and installed from there for free.

Conversely, buyers of Tram Simulator Urban Transit receive free access to Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop – Official Tram Extension (main game required to play). 

Stick around for our full review of Tram Simulator Urban Transit in the days ahead. For now, enjoy the release trailer. 

Tram Simulator Description

Welcome to Tram Simulator Urban Transit – get on aboard! In this game, you take on the role of a tram driver and manager in Angel Shores, the North American-themed city from the popular bus simulator game Bus Simulator 21 Next Stop. Drive 6 tram models, from cutting-edge, sleek trams to those with a classic, timeless charm through the lively city with its numerous sights. Transport passengers with your trams and drive them to the numerous stops. Plan your own routes, carefully manage your timetables, and expand your tram network.

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