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Rock on in Rock Band and Fortnite Festival with the new PDP RIFFMASTER Guitar Controller

The PDP RIFFMASTER – use it in Rock Band or Fortnite Festival

We thought the time of plastic gaming peripherals was long gone, but PDP have other ideas. It’ll soon be time to rock on as PDP deliver their new RIFFMASTER guitar controller to the Xbox and PlayStation masses. 

Set for an April 2024 launch, you can get pre-ordering the PDP RIFFMASTER wireless controller today, as Turtle Beach and PDP tease gamers with some more rhythm action. 

It comes nearly a decade on from when we would rock out to Rock Band and Guitar Hero, with anticipated support for Fortnite Festival upcoming – at least as soon as Rock Band 4 supported peripherals are allowed. 

Priced at €149.99, £129.99, $129.99, you can pre-order the RIFFMASTER today at PDP.com. Doing so will see you in with a chance to win the RIFFMASTER 500 piece, limited edition pickguard. 

“At last, the wait is over…it’s time for gamers to rock on!” said Michael Lai, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Performance Designed Products. “Rhythm-action gaming is experiencing more than a renaissance – it is being redefined! Every aspect of the RIFFMASTER design is informed by PDP’s rich heritage in rhythm-based gaming, including a nod to the past with backwards compatibility. We cannot wait for fans to have their first jam session!”

PDP will launch two RIFFMASTER wireless guitar designs, saluting those who rock exclusively on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, as well as those who rock exclusively on PS5 and PS4. The RIFFMASTER wireless controller is officially licensed for Xbox and PlayStation.

RIFFMASTER features include:

  • Play with both hands. We feel you, lefties. The RIFFMASTER’s design accommodates both left and right-handed maestros.
  • Rock on for hours. Features a 30-foot low-latency wireless connection with built-in rechargeable battery for up to 36-hours of jamming per charge.
  • Crank it up to 11! Includes a 3.5 mm audio jack and has D-pad audio controls enabling on-the-fly volume adjustments.
  • Take the band on the road. A collapsible design makes for easy storage and transport, and the luxe shoulder strap provides added comfort.
  • Elevate every performance with guitar analog stick (patent pending).
  • GAME! RIFFMASTER is compatible with Rock Band 4; with anticipated compatibility with Fortnite Festival as soon as Rock Band 4 guitars are supported.

Will you be rocking out once more? Let us know if the RIFFMASTER will be on your shopping list come April. 

And don’t forget, pre-order it now at PDP, Amazon or GAME UK. 

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