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An in-depth look at the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for August 2015


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July was great but it’s now time to start looking at the free games available to all Xbox Live Gold members thanks to the Games With Gold scheme for August 2015. Does it trump the previous month?

Well, you know what, it very nearly does and is at least on a par with the Xbox One offerings from last month, whilst those Xbox 360 gamers looking for something free will be more than happy with their games.

Available for free from the first of the month, Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes may be frowned upon by many as a ‘demo’ but it’ll give all Xbox One owners the chance to get familiar with the game prior to the full release of The Phantom Pain in September. Whilst many may already have picked it up thanks to previous discounts via the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sales, there will still be a huge number who have yet to check out Snake on Xbox One. But wait no more!

Following MGS on Xbox One, spanning August and September as a free title will be How To Survive: Storm Warning Edition. Bringing the original Xbox 360 game, chucking on all the available DLC and sending it over to the new generation of consoles is something that many a developer will try, but with How To Survive, it has worked out better than expected with many hours of gametime to be had on the numerous islands included.

Over on the Xbox 360 and August looks to be very good with the arrivals of Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light. Deep Silver have created something pretty special with the Metro games and whilst it is an infinitely better experience on Xbox One with the Redux games, 360 owners really should be checking out 2033 and Last Light as soon as they go free.

We are also big fans of the way Microsoft have decided to run with two games in a series and would love to see them do the same again in future months. There is nothing better than grabbing a controller and spending hours on end immersing yourself into a way of life and with two very similar titles both going free, that experience can only be heightened.

Overall then, one of the best months yet for the Xbox Games With Gold scheme. August is going to be a belter!


Xbox One – 4/5

Xbox 360 – 4/5


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