deck of ashes

Up for a bit of a fight against some of the most fearsome of monsters? Deck of Ashes is the apocalyptic card battler that will allow you just that. 

Available today on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch, following on from a previous launch on Steam back in 2020, Deck of Ashes: Complete Edition brings the base game and an exciting new DLC drop – Tome of Dimensions – to all. 

From developer AYGames, Deck of Ashes is a tactical card battler with vibrant characters fighting for redemption in a decaying fantasy world. The base game + DLC bundle for consoles will retail for $24.99, while the DLC alone will retail on Steam for $4.99, each with a 10% launch discount.

In Deck of Ashes, players must fight for survival in a hellish world plagued by the Ash Curse, a scourge that unleashed hordes of fearsome demons and monsters. Play as one of five antiheroes tasked with fighting these beasts to the death. You’ll be tasked to strategically build and upgrade your deck to strengthen your team and help outmaneuver any twists and turns that come your way.

Deck of Ashes features a procedurally generated world where danger lurks around every corner. Random events and ambushes can devastate your team, so preparation is key. Make wise choices when managing scarce resources and upgrading camp. Featuring over 100 cards for each character, Deck of Ashes offers players limitless creativity and strategic possibilities.

The world of Deck of Ashes has expanded with the new DLC, Tome of Dimensions, too. In it, you’ll get to meet Sibyl the Dark Soul, a lonely but fearless fighter looking to bring her race back from extinction. A deadly sharpshooter, Sybil uses different arrowheads in her arsenal to deal critical hits. Resurrect fallen enemies to deal even more damage, or use Fear and Hysteria to disorient foes.   

Ready to play a deadly hand? Check out Deck of Ashes and its new DLC now on PC (Steam), Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. 

The key features include:

  • Tactical card battler featuring a rogue’s gallery of antiheroes in search of redemption in an apocalyptic world 
  • Play as one of five Outcasts and build a deck to devastate enemies and ensure survival 
  • Gothic hand drawn art style that emphasizes the game’s nightmarish tone 
  • Explore an ever-changing, procedurally generated world in search of new cards and upgrade materials–but beware, as random events and ambushes may lurk right around the corner 
  • Strategically build a deck of cards that strengthens characters and devastates enemies–with over 100 cards to choose from for each character the possibilities are endless! 
  • Avoid permadeath by making smart decisions–or else resort to the use of dark magic for survival 
  • Face off against various monster classes in unique biomes that affect characters in different ways 
  • On Steam, save 10% when buying the Complete Edition (Game + DLC), and save 15% when buying the Definitive Bundle (Game + DLC + exclusive content including artbook and game soundtrack)
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