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Are you ready to Rocket Rumble?


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Rocket Rumble is now on Xbox, PlayStation and PC

Stick the word ‘Rumble’ into a game name and you should know what to expect. Prefix that with ‘Rocket’, chucking in some animals as you go, and you’ve got something that should well excite. Let’s hope that the release of Rocket Rumble onto Xbox, PlayStation and PC does just that… 

Available right now on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC is Rocket Rumble from the PixelNAUTS Games team. This is a game that has been in PC Early Access for a good few years already, but now it is launching in full, for real, bringing party-based racing brawl action to the masses. 

A rumble with rockets?

Priced at £20.99 on the Xbox Store, with a Free Trial if you prefer, Rocket Rumble sees you joining a cast of rocket powered animal racers as they look to prove themselves as champion racer. Racing to victory is the main focus, but as with many party games, it’s not always best to just shoot off in front and hope for the best. 

Nope, in Rocket Rumble you’ll gain points for ticking off checkpoints before all others, but you’ll gain more for dishing out some damage too, knocking opponents off course. When you consider this is a fast paced action brawler, you can bet your bottom dollar that the fighting aspect wil be key. 

Playable online or through local play, catering for up to four players, Rocket Rumble comes to Xbox, PlayStation and PC with some wild tracks, ramps, boosters and more, procedurally generated to add to the fun. There’s also a ton of customisation available as well, much as you would expect from a party game. We’d say that will aid this as it looks to gain traction in your party gaming roster. 

Key features

  • Get knocked off? Not to worry! With respawns at every checkpoint you’re never on the sidelines for long!
  • Rumble with friends and family at home or jump right into the fun with online matches! With tons of items and powerups, -you’ll always be on your toes, and single-screen matches ensure you never miss out on any of the action!
  • Rocket Rumble features a simple control scheme so you can hop right into the action! Play your way with either keyboard or controller and control your experience with different gameplay modes!
  • Robots & Asteroids and Pirates, oh my! Race your way through a ton of different levels with a sci-fi twist! With item drops, boosters, ramps and hazards there’s endless fun to discover! Procedurally generated tracks means you’ll never have the same race twice!
  • Show off your style with thousands of item combinations! Choose from hats, glasses, badges and more! Plus, stand out from the crowd with tons of suit patterns that are fully customizable from color to size!

Buy now!

You can pick up Rocket Rumble on Xbox Series X|S through the Xbox Store. If you don’t fancy paying up that £20.99 asking price immediately, perhaps check out the free trial first. 

Alternatively, PlayStation and PC (Steam) players will be equally sorted. 

Rocket Rumble Description

Rocket Rumble is a 1-4 player party racing brawler. Pick your favorite animal, blast off in a jetpack, and compete across 7 ever-changing obstacle courses. Compete for points by racing, brawling, and using items all on one screen. Earn coins and collect customization items and make your character look fabulous. Play online or on the couch in the ultimate party game

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