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As if the Assassin’s Creed universe that Ubisoft has created wasn’t big enough already, it is now expanding with a brand new comic series. The Assassin’s Creed comics are being published by Titan Comics in order to explore fresh characters in new settings. After managing to get a hold of a copy, I’m hoping the first issue can draw me into the world and interest me enough to further my enthusiasm future issues.

The story is centred on Charlotte de la Cruz at a point in her life where she wants to climb the employment ladder to a level more suited to her education. Although Charlotte often seeks out conspiracy, nothing could prepare her for the situation she’s about to find herself in. It seems there’s Assassin blood in her heritage and so the Brotherhood require her help and subsequently, her memories of an ancestor who was around during the Salem witch trials. Can she survive when the Templars come knocking?

With the Assassin’s Creed world being taken to the 17th century and a brief introduction of the Assassin who’s memories Charlotte will be experiencing, it felt like just enough was shown to intrigue the reader. I want to know more about him and why it wasn’t natural for him to help someone in need, whilst also getting an alternate glimpse at the witch trials era.AC FINAL Selection_preview3

As a main character, Charlotte de la Cruz delivers enough attitude and humour to tread the right side of that fine line of being likable or not. The writers have conveyed a few different aspects of her persona already, to the point that it’s easy to grasp what’s going on in her head and why she’d be up for the adventure of a lifetime. She’s clearly not ready just yet but I reckon I’ll enjoy the tough journey ahead of her.

Sadly, the rest of the supporting cast were less than memorable; even those who partook in a bit of action. Whether it was their unimaginative wardrobe or rather bland dialogue, I just couldn’t connect with either Xavier or Galina. At least Kody showed promise as the joker of the pack, but there’s a way to go before I become invested in any of those three.

AC FINAL Selection_preview2The pacing throughout is very up and down because whilst there are many pages that drag on, there are just as many which are actually enjoyable and occasionally exciting. With that being said, the placement of the action and more interesting parts break up the slightly boring sections of the script.

Assassin’s Creed Issue #1 lays down a strong foundation for Charlotte as a leading woman; however I hope that across this ‘Trial by Fire’ five-part story arc the writers and indeed the artists give a little more love and character to the rest of the modern day crew. Maybe that was the plan in order to get the main character over with the reader first and not cause any distraction from Charlotte. Overall this is a good beginning to the new Titan Comics series and in the end does just enough to convince me to count down until the next issue.


Pick Issue #1 up if you are prepared to allow the series to find its feet as it progresses over time.


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