AC_#11_Cover_ASo, after the close of the previous tale ‘Setting Sun’, we’re launched back into the Assassin’s Creed world for the ‘Homecoming’ story arc of Charlotte de le Cruz after a not-so shocking twist at the end of the previous issue. For this four-part tale, the group are heading into unknown territory, in the form of the hacker group Erudito’s current base of operations, run by Charlotte’s grandmother. Granted, no-one would have expected that revelation, but it wasn’t the most exciting cliff-hanger to draw us in for what’s to follow…

Nevertheless I’m here to get stuck in once again.

With the Brotherhood now in the Erudito camp, secrets begin to get uncovered, revealing some crucial information about the whereabouts of the Brotherhood target Joseph. He’s been so elusive in recent times that he’d make a stellar hide and seek player, but nobody can stay hidden from this elite group of hackers. The problem is that a potential partnership between the two isn’t well received by either party, and that’s where issue #11 of Titan Comics’ Assassin’s Creed series starts to falter, almost immediately.AC#11 Preview

Politics play a major part, with ruffled feathers for the Brotherhood and Erudito, leading to opposing arguments from within to try and avoid a powerful team-up. Due to the political nature, there’s an awful lot of waffling on between the characters, which quite frankly bored me to tears. Nothing mentioned piqued my interest, and the only positive moment came from the possible idea of a future super-group combined to tackle the Templars. With so many speech bubbles to read, that’s really disappointing.

Although a few new characters are introduced, none of them are overly interesting apart from Guernica, whom is Erudito’s own slightly cockier version of Kody. The rest either bring a really bland visual presence or are simply bereft of a decent personality. Florencia, Charlotte’s grandmother, may be a strong woman for both groups to look up to, however her dialogue was nothing short of plain and forgettable.

AC#11 Preview2Surely, the usual staple of the Animus memories will recover the failures of the comic, won’t it? Well, not really, because by the time the reader meets the latest ancestor, whose memories we’ll be delving into for this arc, the comic is almost over. Although the new guy is billed as a real bastard – that’s all you’re going to get, no spoilers – there’s not even enough action shown in order to truly get excited about or entertain the reader. A running theme in issue #11 I’m sure you’ll agree.

The artwork is of a pretty good standard, something I’d expect given that most of the characters are just stood around for the most part. Sadly, the modern world, along with the current day outfits, have very little adventurous colour in them. There might be a glimmer of hope from the ancestor in Florence, Italy, but we’ll have to wait until next time for a full look at the 16th century version of his surroundings.

You know when you’re watching a film or a television show, and you think to yourself ‘this is a bit of a slow burner, but it’ll come good soon’. That was exactly what went through my mind whilst reading Assassin’s Creed #11. Unfortunately, it never became a worthwhile read, and if anyone’s picking the series up for the first time they’d surely turn away.

Can the next issue turn it all around though?  Knowing how up and down it’s been so far, I’d not be surprised if the next one was an absolute blast. This one however is best read just in order to keep you in the loop with the goings on.

Maybe let it help you get to sleep. Who needs Nytol eh?

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