Admit it, you’ve always wanted to travel to Mars. Well, if Auroch Digital get their way that is exactly what we’ll be doing in their new game.

Mars Horizon is a space agency management and mission simulator that has been inspired by real science and engineering. With the UK Space Agency helping kick things off, it has now been confirmed that the game will be arriving on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC in Q4 2018.

Combining rocket building, mission control and space agency management together in one strategy title, Mars Horizon sees players join the European, Russian or United States agencies, collaborating and competing in order to help expand humanity’s reach into space.

With each game started, an alternate history will begin to be shaped and guided by your actions, as you go about building iconic rockets, probes, and satellites that transmit crucial scientific data back to your customisable Earth HQ. Research is vital… as will be investment in your space flight capabilities.

You will get to research new tech, expand your agency base, build rockets, send satellites into orbit, and launch a variety of missions throughout the Solar System. The game will culminate with the first crewed mission to Mars, as you get the chance to set the stage for humanity to become a multiplanetary species.

“We wanted to distil the wonder, drama, and the galaxies of possibility that space offers us as a species, into game form. Mars Horizon is our love-letter to the race into space and the challenges and triumphs of humanity on the way to becoming a multiplanetary species”.

With the UK Space Agency providing support in the form of a grant plus advice and information on space exploration and the running of an actual space agency for Mars Horizon, if any space themed game is going to be successful, then this could well be it.

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