Were you as blown away as us when Armello arrived on Xbox One last year? Are you therefore looking for new content to keep you going back? Today is your lucky day as a brand new DLC pack plus a number of skins have arrived for Armello players to enjoy.

Available now is The Bandit Clan DLC for Armello. The first piece of clan DLC for the game, this brings in four new playable Heroes, more than 50 Bandit quests, Dice, a new Clan Ring and a whole load more. Priced at £7.99, it gives you the chance to head on back to Armello in order to experience life with Scarlet the fox, Twiss the squirrel, Sylas the otter and Horace the badger who is too loyal to retire.

You’ll be able to use these new guys in order to partake in the new quests that the pack also brings. If you thought you were done with everything Armello delivered, then think again.

Additionally, six new character skin packs are also available for purchase with a £3.19 price tag attached to each.

If you fancy getting involved, then the Xbox Games Store will deliver you the goods. We highly advise you check out our review of Armello too.

Bandit Clan DLC Description:

Fight for glory as the infamous Bandit Clan in Armello’s first Clan DLC! The Bandit Clan DLC features four new playable Heroes, over 50 unique Bandit quests, Bandit Dice, a new Bandit Clan Ring, and a bunch more goodies! NEW HEROES Scarlet, The Bandit King This fox is a natural leader. Charm, wit, and merciless determination. Twiss, Little Lightpaw Tiny squirrel, greatest thief Armello’s ever known. Sylas, Fisher of Souls An otter motivated by nothing but revenge. Lives for the kill. Horace, The Iron Poet An old knight too skilled to die, a badger too loyal to retire. NEW QUESTS Carve your own epic tales of banditry with over 50 new quests unique to the Bandit Clan! NEW DICE Roll in style with the ornate Bandit Clan Dice. NEW RING The infamous Serendibite ring only available to Bandits! NEW AMULET Useless for anything but a hearty Bandit-sized brag. GUPPY CARD SKIN Bring Armello’s unluckiest Squire on your quest for the throne!


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