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Think you’ve got what it takes to rescue folk, recruit a team and rebuild the world around you, all whilst becoming a hero in the process? Firegirl is coming to console and PC and will see you attempting to do just that.

Announced by Thunderful Publishing (Planet of Lana, Lonely Mountains: Downhill) and Dejima Games, Firegirl is an all-action platformer which mixes in roguelike elements as you look to rescue civilians caught in epic blazes, rebuilding your rundown local fire station as you go. 

Coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC through Steam this coming Fall, in Firegirl you take on the role of a young fire rescue officer breathing new life into her rundown local fire station. Armed with your trusty axe and high-pressure fire hose that doubles as a jetpack, you’ll respond to emergency calls across a procedurally generated city.

In terms of how things play out, once Firegirl arrives on the scene she’ll get three minutes to save all who have been caught in the blaze. This means you’ll need to help this hero pull off amazing feats of bravery, as your actions – and other gameplay features – extend the rescue time possible. And it won’t just be about saving people either – you’ll need to find out exactly how and why these fires are engulfing the city. 

By dousing roaring flames, chopping  through obstacles, extinguishing dastardly pyro-monsters, and utilising your hose to boost your jumps and reach high places to find all sorts of extra goodies are all par for the course in Firegirl. But you’ll also get a little bit of downtime too, hanging out at the Firehouse between missions to upgrade your equipment, hire new staff, pay any bills you’ve accrued, and hear from your ever-growing fanbase after your heroic exploits. Working at a top fire rescue station isn’t a cake walk, and you’ll need all the help you can get to prepare for the next fires about to break out!

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Firegirl will come to console and PC with a fusion of both retro and modern ideas, mising pixel art with 3D visuals, and utilising next-gen rendering techniques like dynamic lighting to create a rather unique look. 

“Firefighting is such a thrilling setup to create our vision of an action rescue platformer,” said Dejima founder Julien Ribassin. “We wanted to capture the sense of imminent danger that comes facing this natural disaster and translate it into a whimsical arcade adventure. Although the players will come face to face roaring blazes and fire-monsters, the goal is rescuing and helping survivors. Firegirl was designed with both newcomers and veterans to the genre of action platformers in mind, and we can’t wait for people to try it out for themselves when it launches this Fall.”

“We’re always on the lookout for new, exciting games at Thunderful and Firegirl is right up our alley,” said Thunderful’s Head of Publishing, Dieter Schoeller. “It takes the seemingly simple concept of fighting fires and makes it utterly captivating. It’s the perfect pick up and play title, offering a zippy arcade twist on rescuing people from an environmental disaster.”

Give the reveal trailer a little watch and let us know what you think about it all by dropping into the comments below these words. 

We’ll be sure to keep you fully updated with everything Firegirl as we approach the Fall release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC. 

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