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Fancy yourself as a bit of a games maker? Seems you’re in luck as today the team at JanduSoft have released Indiecalypse on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC – with a PS4 launch coming a little further down the line.

Available right now for £10.74 from the Xbox Store for Xbox One, the Nintendo eShop for Switch and PC, Indiecalypse comes to light thanks to a previously funded Kickstarter campaign, with gamers across the globe throwing in the cash to ensure it all became a reality. And that day is now.

Indiecalypse tells a multitude of stories, focusing efforts on three nerdy outcasts who just have one single dream – to make video games. And that is where you come in. Promising to deliver the definitive indie development experience, Indiecalypse will see you playing through the lives of Jack, Ethan and Violet as they mix together multiple genres in the hope of finding success. With multiple paths to take, plenty of ideas to hand, and the chance to make it big in the gaming scene, there is seemingly much to love about this dark, humorous tale.

Features include:

  • – The definitive Indie Developer Experience
  • – More than 20 mini-games, most of them inspired by well-know indie games
  • – Different playable characters: Jack, Ethan & Violet
  • – Dark Humor

If you wish to give Indiecalypse a shot then make your way to your favoured digital store right now. Those on PS4 will have to wait just a little longer – you know, patches and fixes are a way of the world. Keep an eye out for our full review too – it’ll be coming your way fairly soon.

Game Description:

Three stories, three outcasts, three nerds… and a single destiny: to make the best video game ever. Indiecalypse depicts the crude reality of indie game developers and their struggles to get their shit together when it comes to releasing a video game. Three misfits team up to design and produce their own indie game, finding themselves in a path of chaos, self-destruction and resentment. But there’s also space for crude humor, pop culture references, gratuitous and non-gratuitous violence… and fear. Fear of the dozens of lawsuits for copyright infringement, obscenity and profanity we’ll have to face if the game is finally published. Not everything is what it seems in Indiecalypse, and we know for sure that no one will be left indifferent after playing it.


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