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Become a renegade master with Riptide GP: Renegade on Xbox One


Racing fans start your engines, as the futuristic world of Riptide is back once more with Riptide GP: Renegade.

Available to purchase right now on the Xbox Games Store for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC (thanks to Xbox Play Anywhere), all at the price of £8.39, Renegade will let you put your racing skills to the test once more as the rocket-powered hydro jets return. 

With breathtaking water physics showcasing splash-tastic spray effects and much more, you’ll be casting your skills to the spotlight as you dodge your way past Police boats and Drones through vast interactive race environments full of secret shortcuts and a number of animated objects.

Career Mode makes a return for the third outing in the Riptide series, as players battle their way through a variety of race types with boss fights now present as you go on your quest to master the waterways of the underground hydro racing jet circuit. Earn XP and cash to upgrade as you customise your hydro jet, unlocking new stunts and increasing your rider’s performance along the way.

Each of the blistering hydro jets come with full customisation options as well as transformations that change whilst you ride.

Those looking for some online racing action to add to the usual split-screen experience will be happy to see the inclusion of up to 8-player multiplayer or couch co-op for up to 6 players in split-screen. Or go head to head with those on mobile platforms as cross platform action comes into play.

If you’re looking for your fill of watersport racing then make sure you head over to the Xbox One games store now. Our review will be live soon too!

Game Description:

Supports Xbox Play Anywhere: Yours to play on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC at no additional cost! Experience the future of illicit hydrojet racing, where armored riders kick out death-defying stunts over massive waterfalls, dodge cops through public waterways, and boost at breakneck speeds across surging waves. You are a hydrojet rider, framed and cast out from the Riptide GP league, forced to race illegally through city waterways, flooded ruins, and churning factory machinery in an effort to reclaim your reputation and your title. Play through the single player career to unlock new vehicles, playable characters, and customization features as you take down bosses and build your crew. Then, take your skills online for the ultimate test as you battle opponents around the world in 8-player online matches. Challenge your friends for leaderboard supremacy in the ghost-racing challenge mode. You can even play locally in split screen races with up to 4 players! Created by the same team that brought you Hydro Thunder Hurricane, Riptide GP: Renegade is the first game in the acclaimed Riptide GP series to be redesigned from the ground up specifically for consoles and desktop PC. Featuring thrill-ride race tracks packed with shortcuts, secrets, and interactive obstacles, Riptide GP: Renegade is the action-arcade water racer for a new generation. FEATURES • Thrill-Ride Environments – Blast across floating factory platforms, brave hurricane-strength waves, and infiltrate a military base in the midst of battle. Every race track is packed with interactive set pieces, dynamic obstacles and secret shortcuts. • Deep Career Mode – Battle your way through a variety of races and boss fights to reach the top of the underground hydro jet racing circuit. Earn cash and experience to upgrade and customize your hydro jet, unlock new stunts, and increase your rider’s performance. • Online Multiplayer – Compete online in thrilling 8 player matchups against the best players from around the world. • Split Screen Multiplayer – Challenge your friends in local split-screen multiplayer championships. Play with up to 6 players on a single machine! (Up to 4 players on PC.) • Challenge Mode – Take command of the leaderboards and test your skills against ghost recordings of your friends’ best performances. • Transforming Vehicles – Collect and upgrade a garage full of blisteringly fast hydro jets that transform while you ride them. Win money to upgrade and customize each one. • State of the Art Water Racing – Riptide GP: Renegade brings dynamic water racing to a new level of excitement with breathtaking water physics, splash-tastic spray effects, and more! Every race is different because the surface you race on is always changing. • 1080p / 60 fps – Silky smooth, blisteringly fast racing action! (Windows performance will vary by platform.) • Xbox Live: Cross saves between Xbox One and Windows 10 • Unlock a full set of 27 fun and challenging Achievements for a total of 1000 Gamerscore!

Carlos Santuana (Sly Boogie1993)
Carlos Santuana (Sly Boogie1993)
After 20 years of playing every game I can get my hands on, I can now be found selling my soul for anything Resident Evil, Gears of War, or Gamerscore related... all of which will be mastered after a good cuppa!
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