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Best devices to enjoy gaming on the move


2018 is indeed a year where perhaps finally we can put the gaming ‘console war’ of yesteryear to rest, while we look toward a future of gaming consoles that are not only reliable, efficient and compatible with various operating systems, but will also be a future where the gaming console will need to be able to be on the move, allowing for gameplay on the go – everywhere and anywhere.

Until the future rears its digitally-enhanced and technology-savvy head towards the millions of avid gamers out there, let’s take a look at the now and see just what type of gaming console action is available for game players today.

We’ve decided to take a closer look at some of the aspects that make the following three types of gaming devices a good choice for best gaming on the move. The three various gaming devices we’ll be taking a look at are as follows: Nintendo Switch, Smartphone Devices and a throwback device, namely the Ultra Game Boy.

The question is: what does each gaming device option offer that is unique to any other? Let’s check it out below:

Nintendo Switch

At first glance, what makes Nintendo Switch stand out from all the rest is the fact that Nintendo Switch game titles on offer are completely unique and not offered on any other gaming devices.

The fact that Nintendo Switch is a handheld console already places the Nintendo Switch in a league entirely on its own, as this is the type of gaming console that makes gaming on the move entirely possible and enjoyable.

With the Nintendo Switch, users can enjoy optimum HD gaming, right in the palm of their hands and straight from their pockets! Looking for the perfect device to get your gaming on the move? Nintendo Switch has this department covered.

Smartphone Devices

The gaming device of the future is bound to be the advent, creation, and subsequent implementation of smartphones as a means to utilise the various gaming apps available.

The question with regards to the varying gaming devices best to use when on the move can further be categorised when it comes to mobile devices and smartphones as an alternative. In terms of whether the gamer in question has decided to opt for iOS-compatible gaming apps or Android-compatible gaming apps to play, this will determine exactly which smartphone will be optimum.

Once an avid gamer has determined which of the two leading OS-compatible smartphone devices they would indeed opt to make use of, the next step towards optimum gaming while on the move, would be to determine what type of gameplay you’d be in the mood for.

To usher in moments of gameplay excitement and more, opting for smartphone gaming apps, the likes of mFortune’s mobile app, for example, is a surefire way to get that optimum gameplay in, especially when in the happenstance of finding yourself, on the move, looking for a game or two to crack.

When playing your best game, on the move, it would probably be most optimum to grab those gameplay opportunities, as presented by smartphones, offering a whole new world of excellent gaming, right in the palm of one’s hands.

Hyperkin’s Ultra Game Boy

Calling all retro gamers! We’ve got the best news for you, so gather round and expect to have your ‘throwback’ dreams come true.

It has been rumoured that as soon as this coming summer, gamers will be able to get their Game Boy mode on. Although one would be tempted to say that the Game Boy of our childhood memories (I’m specifically referring to all those games that are 70’s and 80’s kids) is making a comeback, it would be somewhat of an erroneous statement, as this new and improved Ultra Game Boy is infact not a Nintendo offering.

Thanks to Hyperkin, gamers will have the opportunity to enjoy a gaming console that is indeed very similar to the original Nintendo Game Boy console, however, there are a few key features offered by Hyperkin’s Ultra Game Boy that did not exist with Nintendo’s version.

Key features that the Ultra Game Boy console offers gamers is as follows:

  • a built-in six-hour battery,
  • a USB-C port for charging,
  • a pair of stereo speakers,
  • left and right audio-out connections
 Apart from Hyperkin’s Ultra Game Boy giving gamers a retro gaming experience, due to the fact that their console is compatible with all the old school Game Boy original gaming cartridges, this new & improved Game Boy console edition is also customised for chiptune musicians. Offering gamers a Game Boy console that is capable of creating modern electronic music is indeed a great innovative addition that Nintendo’s console definitely did not have on board the original Game Boy product.

It is clear to see that Hyperkin has remained in-touch with the technological advancements of today, as well as the trends that the youth of today may be interested in, while still manitaining the classical look and feel of the ever-popular Game Boy.

Choosing the best gaming console to get your game playing hands on is not an easy feat to attempt to do, and is indeed a decision one should not enter into lightly.

In the world of gaming (online gaming and mobile gaming) the device one chooses to use to access the games, as well as the game titles that are actually on offer for said chosen gaming device, will vary quite considerably, in terms of specifications on offer, durability, reliability and usability.

It is because of the above factors, that is is advised that before making any pivotal decision and choosing which gaming device to opt for when wanting to ensure your best gaming will ensue – while on the move – it is probably best advised to take a look at a couple varying gaming devices (or alternatively, we can call them consoles too) on offer, thus accordingly being able to make a rather well-informed decision all round.

You’ll only know which way you’ll sway once you’ve actually checked the console out and taken it for a ride or two, testing out the gameplay.

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