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Bish Bash Bots is nothing but cooperative chaos


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More co-op chaos in Bish Bash Bots on Xbox

When we first heard of Bish Bash Bots, it was immediate that this was going to be some kind of Overcooked!-styled gaming experience. And then we found out that tower defense and brawling elements were being thrown in. Now we get the chance to find out how it all works as Bish Bash Bots releases on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC. 

From Firestoke and CATASTROPHIC_OVERLOAD, Bish Bash Bots is a new cooperative chaos bringer as players get the chance to work with a variety of game mechanics. There’s some arcade brawling. There’s some strategic tower defense moments. And there’s the mayhem of something like Overcooked! Sold yet?

A new chaotic co-op experience

We think you should be as Bish Bash Bots is set to take the multiplayer world by storm. Whether that be as couch co-op comes to the fore, or the power of the online world wins over, this is one that should well excite. 

Bish Bash Bots focuses on a cartoony future world, one in which the machines have taken over the land. It’s left to a bunch of the most unlikely heroes to win over against the rogue robots, ultimately saving the world. Standard gaming fare, no?

Where Bish Bash Bots differs is not just in the various game mechanics. There are some thirty-two levels included here, with eight biomes playing host to the madness. In each you’ll find yourself not just coping as best you can, but trying to find the best way to overcome a host of hazards. 

Thankfully the gear given to you should help. Stuff in Bish Bash Bots is upgradable, so you can unlock and build in a number of gadgets, turrets and more. It’s these which should see different forms of strategy coming to the fore. 

“Bish Bash Bots fuses the fun chaos of co-op multiplayer with tower defense strategy. Build towers and bash bots with friends, family or in single player,” said James Letherby, co-founder of CATASTROPHIC_OVERLOAD. “We are so proud to be releasing our second game today with Firestoke on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch and hope you have many hours of bot bashin’ fun!”

Key features

Let the key feature list of Bish Bash Bots sell it some more…

  • Dynamic Enemies Large swarms of bots that navigate dynamically – can be pushed, shoved and bashed around by players and turrets.
  • Strategy Meets Brawling A unique mix of casual tower defense strategy and all-out brawling action. Swing giant hammers, run and jump around vibrant levels and figure out how best to use your turrets against the incoming waves of bots.
  • Play With Friends or Solo Designed to be fun both in co-op multiplayer and single player. Play online or locally up to 4 players. You can also play with any combination of online and local players together.
  • Level Variety Travel the futuristic world through 32 vibrant and varied levels. Contend with unique challenges across 8 biomes – from the Volcano overheating your turrets to the mutant plants grabbing players in the Jungle.
  • Unlock New Tech Add new turrets and gadgets to your collection as you progress through the world. Use them to combat the variety of unique bots. Complete challenges to unlock new cosmetics.
  • Never a Dull Moment Players are always in the action, not just waiting for events to play out. Build and upgrade turrets, collect scrap, bash bots and use unique special turrets in your fight to save the world.

Buy Bish Bash Bots now!

Bish Bash Bots is on the usual digital stores, right now. For us Xbox one and Xbox Series X|S players we’ll need to pop over to the Xbox Store and pay up the asking price of £14.99. Expect similar on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. 

Stay tuned for our review of Bish Bash Bots on Xbox soon. 

Bish Bash Bots on Xbox Game Description

Bish Bash Bots is a unique mix of casual tower defense strategy and all-out brawling action. Team up in couch co-op / online play or go it alone to save the world.

In a cartoony take on the distant future, robots have become an integral part of everyday life. But everything changes when the bots, seemingly for no reason, malfunction and start stealing all of the world’s technology.

Amongst the chaos, a rag-tag team of unlikely heroes step up to save humanity. Armed with their respective skills, our heroes have set out on a grand adventure to reset the robots and save the world. Build upgradable turrets, unlock new gadgets and bash bots with giant hammers.

Journey across the world through vibrant and colourful biomes. Use strategy to defend against swarms of robots and save humanity!

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