Even if it wasn’t a decent enough way to pass some time, at least the arrival of FUSER has let those of us still living in the glory days of the 1990s the chance to come slightly more up-to-date with musical matters, mostly through the launch of a host of DLC. Every week seems to be a learning week too, with the latest FUSER drops not just highlighting a bit of Reggaeton, but more besides. 

Four new pieces of DLC have made it to the FUSER library this week with three tunes and one visual pack giving the chance for you to keep that party moving. And in amongst that DLC comes the King of Reggaeton himself, Daddy Yankee, alongside some old school hip hop flavours that will cover the bases for all ages. 

In place right now and available to add in to your FUSER experience are the following tunes. 

But that’s not all and we also have the pleasure of welcoming a new visual pack too – that of Peppermint Ecstatic. This costs the same as the tunes – £1.69 – but will give you entry to the world of the magical, with Peppermint Ecstatic Wings, Micro Mini Skirt with Fluffies and some makeup. Admit it, you want that gear. 

The Xbox Store will allow all FUSER DJs on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S the chance to embrace the lifestyle requested, whilst you’ll also find the game smashing out the hits and new content on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC too. 

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Settle down in the spooky Cozy Grove on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC

Let us know which pack you decide to pick up this week. Will it be Daddy Yankee who keeps your tunes spinning? If not, and you fancy something else to keep you entertained, there are a whole host of other great FUSER pieces available already.


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