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Breaking out of Pong – qomp2 releases on PC, console and mobile

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qomp2 breaks out of Pong

What would happen if the Pong ball – somehow – managed to escape the paddles that constantly batted it back and forth? Perhaps it’s not something you’ve ever considered before, and perhaps even now, you care little. But there’s one simple answer – you get qomp2. 

qomp2 from Graphite Lab and Atari takes that most iconic of video game icons – the humble Pong ball – and lets it loose on the surrounding areas. The result? Well, it’s an absolutely brutal, but ultimately great, adventure. 

Make no bones about it, qomp2 launches on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, mobile and Atari VCS (so covering everything!) to deliver a gaming experience that is tough. But whilst many may run for the hills at that mere wording, we found it to be a delight all the same. 

But what is qomp2?

In fact, we’ve been hands-on with qomp2 for a little while already – thanks Atari! – and have a review up and live. You’d do well to read it, but with a 4/5 review score attached, it’s safe to say that this is a game we eventually fell in love with. 

qomp2 (and yes, no capital Q) is fairly simple on the face of it. You are a Pong ball, trying to traverse a variety of stages, ever-increasing in complexity as you move through them. Some thirty are in place from the get-go, whipping you across four world of interest. 

Navigation is just as simple, mainly as you only have two buttons to worry about – one shifts your gaze by 45 degrees, whilst the other works in a little dash. Combining the two is your route outta there. 

Key features

  • Cerebral Puzzling: The simple, two-button controls belie complex and compelling gameplay. Use your reflexes to think ahead and master 30 tricky levels. Hidden collectibles on the map push you to explore every inch of the creatively rich minimalist environment. 
  • Bounce Between Emotions: qomp2 is an enigmatic story of doubt, fear, and self-acceptance, told wordlessly with simple animations, effects, and the game mechanics themselves — a surprising twist based on the classic Pong.
  • Surprises Galore: If the game’s premise doesn’t raise an eyebrow, just wait until you dive into the challenges, which get increasingly difficult as you master new aspects of gameplay. And don’t worry, death is not the end in this arcade-inspired world. Quick respawn makes sure you’re back in the action in seconds. 
  • Bountiful Bosses: Four bosses block your escape at the end of each world. Use your newfound skills to master their attacks and defenses in order to move on. Much like a real game of Pong, you must be prepared to defend your position!  

Buy qomp2 now!

“The timeless allure of Pong is an incredible thing, and we’re delighted with Graphite Lab’s ability to build upon such a charmingly simplistic premise,” said Atari CEO Wade Rosen. “With qomp2, we’re not just continuing a legacy of Pong; we’re offering a completely new experience that honors the spirit of the original qomp. We’re thrilled for players to experience this creative take on a legendary classic.”

qomp2 is present on the Xbox Store, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Priced at £14.99, we reckon this should be on your list of temptation. 

You’ll also find qomp2 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Throw in iOS, Android, PC and Atari VCS and there’s next to no reason to not get involved. 

If you loved Pong back in the day, qomp2 may well take those memories to all new levels. Let us know what you think. Comments? Yeah, down below. 

qomp2 Description

Control a Pong ball aching to break free of its life stuck between two paddles. Explore a dangerous, minimalist world, armed with simple two button controls: tap a button to change direction diagonally by 45 degrees, and hold down a button to unleash a cathartic dash forward. That’s all you need to solve environmental puzzles and labyrinthine levels. Around each corner is a new challenge that will test your two-button and problem-solving skills. A variety of difficult enemies and bosses help you mark your time as you navigate through 30 levels spread across four worlds.

qomp2 effectively captures the essence of the original 1972 Pong and its spiritual successor, the 2021 experimental indie title qomp.

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