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Build, drive, and fight in Robocraft Infinity now available exclusively on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass


Imagine a world where you could build and customise your own dream robot to take into battle to fight for supremacy. Well, there’s no need to imagine it anymore as Robocraft Infinity is here and that’s exactly what it’ll let you do.

Robocraft Infinity provides the ultimate freedom of creating customisable robots using an infinite amount of blocks at your disposal in an easy-to-use editor. Build tanks, flying warships, dinosaurs, Transformers lookalikes and anything else your mind can come up with, before equipping futuristic weapons and jumping into the driving seat. Creators can also share their robot designs online and browse those put together by other folk. The possibilities are practically endless as you prepare to venture into a host of 5v5 game modes against players all over the world.

As of right now there’s a trio of different versions available, with the standard edition of Robocraft Infinity costing £14.99 on the Microsoft Store. Then there’s the Deluxe Bundle, which includes a Cray Pilot Seat and 5 Cosmetic Crates for £24.99, whilst the Ultimate Bundle is priced at £34.99 and this comes with Rhino and Eagle cosmetic masks, multiple pilot seats and 10 Cosmetic Crates. Best of all, if you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, the full game is accessible at no extra cost whatsoever. And it’s a Play Anywhere title, so you can play it on Windows 10 too.

We gave our thoughts on the recent Robocraft Infinity beta, which may help make up your mind about getting involved and purchasing it. Be sure to have a read.

Game Description:

Build, drive, fight! Create fully customisable robots block-by-block that can drive, hover, walk and fly in the multiplayer combat game, Robocraft Infinity. Equip weapons from the future and jump into the driving seat as you battle for supremacy in multiple 5 vs 5 game modes against players from across the world. Combine blocks in an easy-to-use editor to create whatever robot you desire. Jet cars, tanks, flying warships, helicopters, drones, dinosaurs, scorpions – in Robocraft Infinity the creative possibilities are endless! Additional Features: Enhanced For Xbox One X Robocraft Infinity is Xbox One X Enhanced, with improved frame rate and 4k resolution for a better play experience. Share via the Factory Players can not only create their own robots, but they can also share their design online and browse other robots. Over 230 parts and counting… Join an evolving metagame with new weapons and components added to the game regularly for no extra cost.

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