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Build to impress with these city-building games for Xbox


Did you know that there are video games where you can build entire cities and civilizations? Town-building games have been around for decades. This simulation video game type allows players to plan, design, and make a city. 

However, building a city is just the tip of the iceberg. Players will be responsible for their cities. In other words, they’ll need thorough planning and strategies to ensure their cities grow, thrive, and prosper. That includes city management, leadership, and military defenses, in case the enemy attacks. 

The choices you make directly affect the faith of your settlement. As a city leader, it is your duty and responsibility to manage your town and deal with everyday matters such as work priorities, job vacancies, education, etc.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the best city-building games for Xbox consoles every gamer should check out.

Airborne Kingdom

What could be better than building your own town? The answer is simple – building a city in the sky! That’s what you’ll be doing in Airborne Kingdom. The latest addition to the game is The Lost Tundra, a free update with a whole new biome. 

Essentially, your task is to build a sky city and take it on the right path of peace and prosperity. Airborne Kingdom is a well-known sky-city builder that takes you on a breathtaking journey. 

You’ll have to invest time and effort to harness the power of sky resources to identify lucrative and prosperous opportunities for turning your city into a dominant celestial force. Airborne Kingdom is a floating city that once vanished from existence. 

However, the once prosperous metropolis rises again, bringing a new era of prosperity and harmony. Build your city, unify the people, and rewrite history with Airborne Kingdom.

Aven Colony

Aven Colony takes you deep into an unknown universe. You will find yourself stuck in an alien world, swarming with jungles, deserts, and all sorts of dangers. However, don’t let the fact that you are light years away from home distract you from your city-building mission.

You will oversee the first extrasolar human settlement. Your task is to establish and expand colonies and build the foundation for a new civilization. You’ll have to conquer many challenges along the way to settle down in this strange new world, such as:

  • Underground geothermal vents.
  • Days with no end in sight.
  • Toxic gas eruptions.
  • Dust devils.
  • Severe electrical storms.
  • Low oxygen.

Despite these obstacles, you must set up a city infrastructure to protect your settlement and its citizens. Resources will be scarce in this often deadly and hostile environment. Plan your moves carefully to ensure your Aven Prime treads the path of prosperity.

Before We Leave

Before We Leave embarks you on a cosmic adventure to a faraway universe, where you’ll have a unique opportunity to build a city and claim it for yourself. The game is an epic journey of civilization rediscovering and rebuilding. 

However, you have a risky task ahead of you. In addition to ensuring prosperity in the middle of an unknown universe, you must look out for your people. Conditions will be rough, and you will have to conquer many challenges, but you must not lose hope. 

Build your cities, establish relations with neighboring planets, expand your communities, and develop a safe, secure, and prosperous solar system.  


Townscaper tosses you into an empty townscape where you must use your wits and available options to build a city. Even though it is more of a simulator than a game, Townscaper is a perfect way to experiment with different city-building techniques and develop your unique, personal building style. 

The game provides an empty grid where you must place house blocks and colors to transform them into town-building blocks. Once you have enough blocks, you can start building your community of houses, streets, etc. Furthermore, you will also soon be able to enjoy Townscaper VR for an even more thrilling experience. 

Lift your Xbox gaming further

Most of these games are readily available through Xbox Game Store. Thus, it will only take several minutes to set up and install a new game. However, remember that there is a way for you to save money on your next game purchase. 

For instance, you can try entering Xbox discount codes to get games for lower prices. Of course, some of these discounts will only be available in a certain region. Thus, you can download VPN services to take advantage of them anyway. Sadly, consoles do not support Virtual Private Networks. A small trick is sharing the internet from a PC, enabling a VPN on it, and connecting your console to it. This change can also open doors to more servers or early game releases. 


The games we mentioned here are some of the best titles available today. Each game provides unique gameplay and mission. Your job is to make all the right choices and ensure your cities grow. 

There are many other city-building games for Xbox, such as Sid Meier’s Civilization, Tropico (1-5), Frostpunk, and Cities: Skylines. All these games provide immersive gaming experiences that test your patience and gaming skills. 

Choose your game, and let the fun begin!

TXH loves nothing more than kicking back at the end of the day, controller in hand, shooting the hell out of strangers via Xbox Live.

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