In a Twitch livestream last night, Bungie stalwart Deej unveiled the path that Bungie have envisioned to get us, the Guardians, to Destiny 2. Entitled “Age of Triumph”, it’s a 13 page book of landmark moments and feats to help us celebrate everything the game has brought us.

Starting out slow, the stream introduced us to each page of the book, from the first page that is filled in depending on what you finished in Destiny (ie finishing the Black Garden mission before the House of Wolves expansion was released), right through to showing your prowess in the Trials of Osiris, with a triumph for getting to the Lighthouse. That’s about the only thing I’ve never done in this game, as an aside, as a PvP player I make a good hatstand!I t carried on through pages for each type of Guardian, for the Crucible, and for the Raids.

The big news was saved for the end: Bungie are bringing back the old raids at 390 light, with challenges included! Those of you who saw my maiden piece for TheXboxHub will know that this was one of my wishes, and to put the cherry on the top, Raid gear that drops will be at a usable level. 400 light Mythoclast anyone?

Also, one of the game designers who was there with Deej let it slip that there is a new helmet for the Crotas End raid, so maybe more new armour to look forward to? In addition to the new difficulty tier and the gear that can drop, Bungie announced that there will be a Weekly Raid Challenge starting on March 28th, where each week a Raid will be spotlighted and have the challenge mode enabled. (If its not your favourite Raids week, you can still do it at 390 light level, but there will be no challenges). First out of the gate will be Crotas End, and I can’t even guess what the challenges will be in that. Get across the bridge legit? Nah, can’t see anyone doing that!

In short then, the future looks bright, ironically, for the end of Destiny. Starting March 28th, will your Guardian be hitting the Vault, or spanking Crota? Let us know in the comments!

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