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Back in 2015 Techland released a game that would mix up the zombie genre once and for all. That game was Dying Light; it was – and still is – a bit of a masterpiece. In fact, across the five years that have since passed us by, it’s still thought of as one of the premier zombie experiences available on console. If you haven’t played it, there is now no excuse as Techland have dropped a full Dying Light – Anniversary Edition to the world. And this comes with about as much content as you’ll ever need. 

Dying Light – Anniversary Edition is available to purchase right now – with the Xbox Store for Xbox One our point of contact. And should you go considering splashing the £47.99 asking price will discover a bundle that not only delivers the stunning base game, but a whole host of great content as one. It’s a celebratory package that ensures gamers can get access to every major expansion and game mode that has released for the game thus far, with a hand-picked selection of DLC items thrown in for good measure. 

That £47.99 asking price may seem a little steep for a game that is now five years old, but the amount of content included certainly warrants it. 

You see, not only do you get access to the standard Dying Light game, but The Following expansion is dropped in, as is the Hellraid add-on, and the Bozak Horde addition. With the opportunity to also Be The Zombie, heading into the games of others and creating chaos, and discovering that the DLC packs of Cuisine & Cargo, Ultimate Survivor Bundle and the Dying Light – 5th Anniversary Bundle are included, this is one hell of a package. 

In all, the Dying Light – Anniversary Edition for £47.99 includes:

  • Dying Light – £24.99
  • Be The Zombie – Free
  • Cuisine & Cargo – £3.99
  • Dying Light – Hellraid – £8.39
  • The Bozak Horde – £7.99
  • Ultimate Survivor Bundle – £3.99
  • Dying Light: The Following – £15.99
  • Dying Light – 5th Anniversary Bundle – £2.39

Granted, the majority of gamers would have, at some point in time, picked up Dying Light over the years, and that may initially rule out the need for purchase of this Anniversary Edition, but for those coming in fresh, green, and totally new to the nightmare of the world it brings, honestly, this is the way to go. 

If you agree and are looking for a new zombie-fuelled experience that will not only keep you busy for some time, but to also let you in on just how good Dyling Light is, then we’d advise you to hit up the Xbox Store right now. You’ll also find it on PS4. From there, give it a play, and then prepare yourself for the arrival of Dying Light 2 further down the line. 

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