Flowing Lights Xbox

Arcade shooters require twitch reflexes and a precognitive state of mind at times, but Flowing Lights requires all that and some logic and reasoning as well. This challenging and unusual shooter is out today on Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Flowing Lights uses varying terrain and physics to challenge, with devious puzzles for you to rack your brain around. No longer is it enough to simply spam the shoot button and hope for the best – what the veterans will call “spray and pray” I am told – now you need to think logically about it too. An enemy may be able to hit you from far away but there is a big pit stopping your bullets from reaching him. The solution: use the curvature of the pit to swing a bullet in their direction.

If it sounds like Flowing Lights has a trial and error approach to things, then you are spot on. Thankfully then, there is no penalty for restarting and you are able to instantly retry if things don’t go well. And considering there are over 200 fights to best with optional challenges included, that restart button may be taking a bit of a hammering.

Features include:

  • – Puzzle elements for a varied, always fresh experience
  • – Retro Arcade gameplay: smooth, accurate, challenging
  • – Unique physics based gameplay, gravity is the true 3rd dimension
  • – 200 fights created with love, each one unique and with optional challenges
  • – Power Ups, Combos, Ranks and online leaderboards for more replayability

If you are craving something more than a standard shooter, it sounds like Flowing Lights has it in buckets. We will have a review coming very soon if you can’t make your mind up. For those that already have though, Flowing Lights on Xbox will cost you £8.39. The game includes an online leaderboard as well so we shall see you in there as we compete for top spot!

Game description

Why is Flowing Lights different from other shooting games? Puzzle elements! They offer a challenge for the brain on top of the immediate fun of destroying monsters. Deeper challenges, deeper sense of achievement! How do these puzzle elements work? Each fight has been designed as a puzzle that requires a new tactic. Thanks to a unique system of terrain and physics, bullets flow like a liquid and create new and gripping gameplay situations. The goal is not only to destroy all enemies but also to find the right tactic to do so! This may require several attempts so Flowing Lights has been designed to facilitate experimentation. Failing and retrying is part of the game! Fights can be restarted instantly and without any penalty. Target audience: Flowing Lights was designed to be easy to learn and difficult to master. It’s a game for players who like a challenge. Each fight can be won with 4 levels of achievement: C, B, A and S. Ranks A and S can only be achieved by completing all Combos, which adds new challenges for the best players. However, the game is easily accessible with playable tutorials and training modes.

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