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A journey of redemption is promised with Deep Silver’s latest new IP, and in Chorus, that journey will take you through the galaxy and beyond.

Coming from Deep Silver FISHLABS, Chorus will release in 2021 on both current (Xbox One, PS4) and next-gen consoles (Xbox Series X, PS5), along with PC and Google Stadia for good measure.

Working with Smart Delivery on Xbox, allowing you to take in the very best experience across Xbox One and Xbox Series X with a single purchase, Chorus is a new dark space-combat shooter in which players will take control of dual protagonists: ex-cultist Nara, an ace pilot with a haunted past, and Forsaken – a sentient AI starfighter and her closest ally, with a mysterious backstory of his own to unravel.

Chorus will provide a story-driven single-player experience that invites gamers to unlock devastating weapons and mind-bending abilities as they fight to free the galaxy from the Circle: an oppressive cult that will stop at nothing to ensure complete subjugation.

Tobias Severin, Studio Director at Deep Silver FISHLABS said: “We’re delighted to announce this exciting new IP. From the beginning our focus has been on delivering amazing moment to moment gameplay to evolve the spirit of classic space flight shooters. We are fully leveraging the power of gen 9 hardware, allowing us to create richer, more detailed, ray traced environments, all at 4K and 60FPS.”

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More about Chorus:

  • Take control of Nara – once the Circle’s deadliest warrior but now their most wanted fugitive – on a quest to destroy the dark cult that created her. Unlock devastating weapons and mind-bending abilities in a true evolution of the space-combat shooter. Along with Forsaken, her sentient starfighter, explore ancient temples, engage in exhilarating zero-g combat and venture beyond our waking reality.
  • A journey of redemption – Lead Nara, an ace pilot facing her haunted past, and Forsaken, her sentient ship. Their quest for redemption will take them across the galaxy and beyond the boundaries of reality, as they fight to unite resistance forces against the Circle and their leader, the Great Prophet, at all costs.
  • Venture beyond the void – Enter a dark new universe, teeming with mystery and rife with conflict. Explore epic locations such as sprawling space stations and strange planes of existence beyond our own. Engage in exhilarating zero-g dogfights from epic cosmic vistas to tight crystalline corridors. Chorus balances the scale and spectacle of space exploration with frenetic, fast-paced action.
  • One pilot, one ship, one living weapon – Attain powerful and distinct weapons and combat upgrades. Master your ship’s unique drift mechanic and deadly mind-bending abilities, including extra-sensory perception, teleportation and telekinesis, to overcome massive hordes of enemies and take down titanic battleships. Chain your powers together to become the ultimate living weapon.

And the key features of Chorus include:

  • • A compelling single-player experience
  • • Play as dual protagonists Nara and her sentient AI companion and starfighter, Forsaken, on a personal journey of redemption
  • • Experience fast-paced, frenetic action that evolves the spirit of classic space shooters
  • • Fight to unite resistance forces against the Circle and their ominous leader, the Great Prophet
  • • Face down hordes of enemy starfighters, titanic battleships and unknown Void entities
  • • Reclaim, upgrade and wield devastating weapons and abilities in zero-g dogfights
  • • Explore a dark new sci-fi universe, teeming with mystery and conflict
  • • Enjoy gorgeous next gen sci-fi visuals in 4K, from cosmic vistas to sprawling space stations
  • • Fully engineered to take advantage of gen 9 hardware, enhancements include: Ray traced reflections, 4K resolution at 60fps, Advanced enemy ship destruction, Higher quality volumetrics, Richer environmental effects

2021 can’t come soon enough for many and with the new announcement of Chorus, anticipation is even higher. Stay tuned for full details over the coming months, but for now, the trailer below seems like the best place to start, unless of course you’re just still hyped for Saints Row: The Third Remastered.

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