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About as iconic as it gets, PONG needs no introduction. This new version in PONG Quest though – that is now available on Xbox One and PS4 – is a fresh take on the classic game that offers much more than a simple re-imagining of the series.

PONG Quest takes the simple game mechanic and fleshes it out into a full RPG. After agreeing to undertake a challenge for the King, you venture through different worlds – many of which are based on other classic Atari IP’s – as a PONG paddle that can be completely customisable. Unlock tons of different clothing items, accessories and more to make your paddle as unique as it can be.

Customisation also extends to the balls as there are over 50 individual balls with their own special abilities.

As you venture on your quest, you must solve puzzles and gather loot to uncover the mysteries surrounding the Spooky Door and the secrets of the Orbs. What are they and what do they do? Well that’s upto you and your paddle to find out.

Of course, what would PONG be without multiplayer? PONG Quest features up to four player multiplayer mayhem battles both locally and online where each player can fully customise their paddles and balls for supremacy. And for the purists, the original game with classic rules is still very much present.

PONG Quest is available to download from the Xbox Store priced at £12.49, and for those wondering, it even supports 4K UHD and is an Xbox One X Enhanced title, meaning this may be the best-looking version of PONG you’ll ever likely see. Or perhaps you are one of those people who misses the days of CRT and a 4:3 ratio, who are we to judge? As always though, hit us up in the comments section with any questions you may have! And yep, it’s also on PS4.

Game description:

Embark upon an epic adventure in PONG Quest as you take on the challenge for King and country in a journey across numerous themed dungeons populated with all manner of paddles, puzzles and balls. Customize your hero and take up the challenge in new PONG battle gameplay featuring over 50 different types of balls each with their unique abilities. Solve puzzles and gather precious loot as you uncover the secrets of the Orbs on a journey to unlock the mystery of the Spooky Door. Play with up to 4 other players in multiplayer mayhem battles, select your balls and perfect your own loadout as you clash with other paddles for supremacy within the PONG universe. No balls, no problem! Play with classic rules and show the world who is the best paddle on the planet.


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