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Remember how the opportunity to join the cute Cloudy of Rain on Your Parade allowed us the chance to take in hi-jinks galore? Well, Unbound Creations are working on some extra content for the hugely fun game, teasing what is due today. 

Rain on Your Parade released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass, Nintendo Switch and PC back in April, arriving to some pretty decent acclaim as it gave players the chance to cause chaos across a range of gaming-themed and pop-cultured stages. 

It had you playing as Cloudy, a little guy who would happily tear his way around numerous areas throwing down rain, lightning, snow and tornados. With multiple missions and objectives present on each stage, and a ton of additional fun little side-stages to enjoy too, we were pretty damn impressed with it too. In fact, we hit it with a big 4.5/5 in our full review of Rain on Your Parade on Xbox, complimenting a superbly put together adventure that was massive fun and come with a host of great visual and audio ideas. 

Now though that base game is set to expand and Unbound Creations have confirmed that they are working on a smattering of DLC for the game. 

Teased with a trailer, the 400,000 odd players who have already checked out Rain on Your Parade will find themselves being treated to more levels, more powers for Cloudy Cloud, some rather neat developer commentary and, best of all, the addition of extra cute Cloud hats. 

Check out the trailer below for the teased details. 

If you haven’t yet picked up a copy of Rain on Your Parade, we’d advise heading to a digital store of your choosing sooner rather than later. The Xbox Store for instance. 

As always, let us know if a bit of Rain on Your Parade DLC is going to be something you involve yourself in.

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