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Continue your painting with sCATch 2: The Painter Cat

scatch 2 the painter cat
sCATch 2: The Painter Cat is on Xbox

A year ago sCATch: The Painter Cat started slapping it’s coloured paws all over the Xbox landscape. It wasn’t a bad little puzzler either. But now sCATch is back in sCATch 2: The Painter Cat.

sCATch 2: The Painter Cat is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Fully optimised for the new-gen, current-gen consoles, this builds on the puzzles available in the first game with new tests of your arty mind. 

Ready to paint again

It’s priced at a mere £4.19 and for that outlay will see you gifted the opportunity to partake in some forty new levels, utilising a variety of new gameplay mechanics and listening in on some glorious 8-bit tunes. If you thought that sounded like the original game, you’d be right. We’re not sure there’s too much here that will blow the genre apart. 

Should you be unfamiliar with the whole sCATch ideals, then it’s really quite simple to get a grasp of. You play as sCATch, a little painter cat who will happily slide their way around a variety of maze-like puzzles. Slipping and sliding like there is no tomorrow, your task is to help sCATch run over a number of paint pots, after which the walls surrounding him will turn that colour. 

Paint the landscape and get the hell out of there – sCATch 2: The Painter Cat is fairly simple. Utilising similar visuals to the first game from a year ago, this is certainly a cute little puzzler. But whether it can build on the bits of that first game that weren’t quite so good, we’ll only know through full review. Stay tuned for it. 

Key features

  • 40 levels;
  • Different mechanics;
  • Original chiptune 8-bits soundtrack;
  • 8-bits Pixel Art;

For now you can grab a download of sCATch 2: The Painter Cat on Xbox from the Xbox Store. It’s playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 

sCATch 2: The Painter Cat Game Description

sCATch 2 is a puzzle game where the objective is find the exit after paint all the wall of the maze with the right colors and using the items with different mechanics.

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