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When Ratalaika Games deliver new games to the console world, you can be sure of one thing – they’ll be super cheap to purchase. That is the case here again today as the team at Ratalaika push an immersive lo-fi 3D world to the masses with the launch of Sagebrush.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita, with a Nintendo Switch release happening on the 9th August, Sagebrush is currently the solo venture of Nate Berens and the latest in the long line of Ratalaika Games titles to arrive on console over the last few months, providing plenty of gaming goodness at a super low price.

Much like that of Attack of Toy Tanks, Bouncy Bullets, and Warlock’s Tower which have come from the Ratalaika camp in previous weeks, Sagebrush comes with just a cheap £5.99 price tag attached, and it is that which sells it to many a gamer.

But what is this latest game to arrive on Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch? Well, Sagebrush has been inspired by real world cults and promises to bring a first person narrative adventure which will ensure you become fully immersed. With a whole compound to explore, it’ll be up to you to investigate the circumstances behind a mass suicide at the Perfect Heaven cult. By exploring the Black Saga Ranch, you’ll be looking to uncover the truth behind the cult, and that of their revered prophet, Father James.

Expect to find a moody, atmospheric world which has been inspired by real world apocalyptic cults, and whilst it probably won’t be a game that is thoughts of when the usual Game of the Year awards come around, for the price, it may well be worth a little shot.

Combine those ideas with that stupidly low price tag and past history of what Ratalaika Games have delivered and it’s easy to see why Sagebrush is such a tempting little proposition. If you agree then make sure you head over to the Xbox Store and get your download moving. You should also be able to find the game on PS4 and PS Vita, whilst we would hazard a pretty decent guess at saying you should also keep an eye out for the Nintendo Switch version which will drop any day now too. It’s what Ratalaika Games do.

Keep an eye out for our full review of Sagebrush on Xbox One. It’ll be with you soon.

Game Description:

Inspired by real-world cults, Sagebrush is a first-person narrative-driven adventure game which thrusts players into the role of a truth-seeker who must investigate the tragic circumstances of the Perfect Heaven cult’s mass suicide. Set in New Mexico, players explore Black Sage Ranch, the former home of Father James, the revered prophet of the Perfect Heaven cult, in order to uncover the truth.

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