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There may be only one Cyberpunk game that gamers are worried about, but should you not have the patience to wait for Cyberpunk 2077 and are in need of a bit of a fix, then one of the latest additions to the Xbox One games library may well sort you out – Cyber Protocol.

Available to purchase and download right this minute, Cyber Protocol comes to Xbox One via the small indie team at RedDeer Games; a team who miss the glory days of the arcade scene. It is however with Cyber Protocol that these guys are attempting to revive the retro scene, all while ensuring that there are enough modern day elements to keep gamers playing.

Priced at a mere £4.99 – and even then an initial launch discount drops that down lower – Cyber Protocol sees you attempting to become the best damn hacker in the city. Playing out as an arcade puzzler, you’ll find not just your logical skills tested to the utter limit, but your reflexes too, as you’re tasked with making your way though 100 handcrafted levels of various difficulty. With the promise of fast paced gameplay, the opportunity to take in challenges with a few local mates, and a stunning soundtrack pushing things along, there should well be plenty of content available for any puzzle fiend to get their teeth into.

Features include:

  • ABSORBING GAMEPLAY Fast-paced, difficult and fun. You will need to plan carefully but also often think on your feet.
  • VARIOUS CHALLENGES Each of 100 levels brings a new, original challenge. You will face new setups, obstacles and traps with different mechanics, so don’t feel too confident.
  • DIFFICULT: OVER 9000 Still looking for more adrenaline? Try hacking the system in the arcade mode at an increased pace and with limited lives. You can get your place in the top 20 global ranking of cyber hackers, if you good enough. Wish you survive!
  • COMPETITION If playing with deadly AI is not enough, you always can invite your family and friends. Cyber Protocol supports local challenges for even 4 players, but remember—the title of the best hacker can reach only one.
  • RETRO VIBE Miss retro games style? Don’t worry—we got you covered! Travel back in time to the 80’s by changing Cyber Protocol themes and sounds.
  • BEST 8BITS Just sit, relax and listen to the Cyber Protocol’s Syntwave and 8bit soundtracks. You will deserve it. You will need it.

Our full review of Cyber Protocol will be heading towards your eyes very soon, is now live and ready for your perusal, but should you already be sold on the premise and fancy a cool look at a new cyberpunk themed puzzler, then heading to the Xbox Store should well sort you out. Let us know in the comments if you decide to pick it up.

Game Description:

All of the android G0X6’s life processes were shut down. The only way to bring him back is to hack his security system and manually start the recovery protocol. But it’s one hitch… So far, even the largest corporations haven’t accomplished this challenge. Can you save your friend and prove you’re the best hacker in this lawless city? Cyber Protocol is an arcade puzzle game set in a Cyberpunk scenario with a strong and dynamic gameplay. If you want to test your logical skills and reflex, you love the retro style and good energetic music, just grab a gamepad.

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