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Since launch way back in the latter months of 2014, Warframe has continued to draw in the crowds, mostly thanks to those at Digital Extremes continually expanding and enhancing the game. There seems to be no stopping them either as access arrives to another new Warframe – Octavia Prime. 

Hot on the heels of the Star Days event which brought some Valentine’s love to Warframe, and running concurrently with the Lunar New Year events which celebrate the Year of the Ox with a host of time limited rewards and bundles, the addition of Octavia Prime is sure to go down well with players. 

Taking one of the fan-favourites of Warframe, Octavia and packaging her up in glorious Prime form, should you be looking to dance to the beat as youe enemies fall in defeat, there is possibly no-one better for the job. 

Available right now from the usual digital stores – Xbox Store for us Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players – Octavia Prime brings the melodies to the battlefield, letting you wield her Primed Tenora and Pandero weapons, and create custom music with her signature Mandachord and guitar-like Shawzin Prime. 

Throw in the fact that Warframe’s first major update of the year – that of Call of the Tempestarii – is right on the horizon, bringing with it all new Corpus Railjack space battle gameplay enhanced by a new lore-filled Quest to unlock the soul-reaping 46th Warframe, Sevagoth, and it’s easy to see how this game continues to find a place in the gaming hearts. 

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If you like a bit of Warframe you’ll find a couple of Octavia Prime packs available. The Access Pack will set you back a cool £66.99, but will deliver instant access to Octavia Prime, Tenora Prime, Pandero Prime, 2625 Platinum and exclusive Octavia Prime Glyphs. The Octavia Prime Accessories Pack meanwhile will sort you out with 1365 Platinum, Glissanda Prime Armor, Serenidine Prime Syandana, 90-day Affinity Booster, 90-day Resource Booster and a bonus Aristei Prime Shawzin. How much you may ask? Just the £49.99. 

You’ll want to grab your free base game first, but from there on out Octavia Prime, and everything else that Warframe is able to deliver, should be yours. Warframe is playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PC.


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