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DANGEN Entertainment celebrate 5th Anniversary with new games and announcements


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After some new games, some new announcements, some major updates and gameplay reveals? DANGEN Entertainment have got you covered with their 5th Year Anniversary Show.

Showcased over on the DANGEN Youtube channel, the 5th Year Anniversary Show covers a host of stuff – new game announcements, release date announcements, major updates, developer interviews, gameplay reveals and more.

We’ve got the publishing announcement for Loretta (PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One), a similar shout for the nifty looking Dungeon Drafters (PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One), a full game release of Lost Ruins (out now on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch), as well as a release date announcement for Vestaria Saga II.

Further to that are Major Update Announcements for Smelter as it brings in an Action Mode, Boss Rush Mode, Classic Mode; Evertried and its Floor Editor; a Challenges Mode for Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials; and news that Abomi Nation – Bug Fables Collaboration will come with 162 Abomis in total.

Want more? How about physical release announcements for Smelter, Ara Fell / Rise of the Third Power and the showcasing of some uncut gameplay for Kingdom of Night. Oh, and to cap it all off, there’s the DANGEN Entertainment Steam Publisher Sale running between June 6th – 9th.

There’s so much to get through that you’ll be best off checking out the Youtube video and going from there, but we’ll drop the full blurbs in below too.

Let us know what you are most excited for by dropping into the comments at the end of this piece.

Loretta – Publisher Announcement

loretta keyart

Loretta is a story-driven psychological thriller that makes the player an accessory to the heroine’s crimes and leads her through a self-crafted nightmare. Gameplay focuses on choosing phrases in dialogue, interacting with objects, and making decisions which involve planning the murder and getting rid of the evidence.

The story is about a woman, dealing with betrayal, her husband’s infidelity, relationship problems and the difficult social situation of the 1940s.

Conceptually and aesthetically, the game is inspired by the American art of the twentieth century, the works of Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hopper, film noir of the 40s-50s, thrillers by Alfred Hitchcock, the Philip Ridley movie “The Reflecting Skin,” the books “1922” by Stephen King and “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov.

Key features include:

  • – The plot can either turn into a web of dodgy lies, or into a crescendo of bloody murders.
  • – Player is free to decide the fate of the character.
  • – Freedom of choice​.
  • – Many endings.

Loretta’s release date will be announced at a later time. Check out the Steam page.

Dungeon Drafters – Publisher Announcement

dungeon drafters keyart

Dungeon Drafters is a mystery dungeon adventure set in a world where magic is cards, and cards are magic. Players explore ancient ruins, loot rare cards and employ clever combos to defeat foes and build the legendary spell deck that could save the world.

They play a young adventurer eager to explore ancient ruins in a tile-based dungeon crawler with rogue-lite elements. Players choose their character, create their unique spell deck and plunge into the ancient dungeons on a quest to rid the world of evil and forbidden cards.

They battle it out in tile-based combat with their spell deck to execute incredible combos that devastate the battlefield. Collect rare cards, loot treasure, rescue lost adventurers, then return to town to prepare for the next run. Dive deeper and work toward building the ultimate spell deck that will banish evil from the world forever.

Key features include:

  • Magic Cards – Your cards are your arsenal. Split the ground open with earthquakes, hurl white-hot fireballs, and summon powerful allies to eliminate your foes.
  • Six Characters – Choose an adventurer, getting a signature starting deck that guides your initial play-style. Regardless of your initial decision, you may branch out and create any deck you want in the game.
  • Dungeon Crawling – Venture into any of the six unique dungeons in the world. Learn the tricks of each of the area’s monsters, make adjustments to your deck and seek specific cards.
  • Punishing Death – As you explore dungeons, you’ll have the opportunity to either dive deeper or return to the Town to secure your spoils. Be careful not to dive too deep and lose your deck!
  • Elaborated Deck Building – Whether you’re a power gamer looking for the strongest and most broken cards, the lab scientist who loves testing out novel, audacious combos, or the completionist, who yearns to 100% their card collection, you’ll find something to love with the deck building system.
  • Adventurer’s Town – Prepare for your next adventure while exploring the beautiful town. Trade your cards, shop for new ones, open boosters, talk to NPCs and initiate challenging quests.
  • Dungeon Drafter’s release date will be announced at a later date.

Lost Ruins – Console Release Announcement

lost ruins keyart

Lost Ruins a dark, anime-style metroidvania with modern action game play, where the player is a young girl who has awoken in a strange, dimly lit dungeon without any of her memories. With the help of a mysterious magician, Beatrice, the girl goes on a perilous journey to survive, find answers, battle gruesome monsters, and unlock the secrets of the lost ruins and her missing memories.

You’ll find Lost Ruins is out right now. Go and play it and hold tight for our full review.

Vestaria Saga II: The Sacred Sword of Silvanister – Release Date Announcement

vestaria saga ii keyart

Vestaria Saga II: The Sacred Sword of Silvanister (formerly known as Vestaria Saga Gaiden: The Sacred Sword of Silvanister) is a story-focused strategy RPG where positioning, movement, and weaponry are paramount to success. Players control their character units around a classically styled grid-based map and engage pirates, rebels, monsters, imperial soldiers, and anything else that stands in their way.

Vestaria Saga II: The Sacred Sword of Silvanister follows the further adventures of Zade, the hero from VS1, bringing the tales of him and his companions to a thrilling, satisfying end. Across his epic quest, Zade will encounter allies both new and old while also uncovering more of the mysteries behind the vile Margulites and their plan to plunge Vestaria into a new age of darkness.

This version of the game will be enhanced to include the following new features:

  • – New music
  • – Resolution upgrade (now 1280 x 720)
  • – New bonuses for completing the entire game
  • – Battle results added to the end of every map
  • – The ability to save every turn, as well as an auto-save function
  • – Various new functions as a result of updating the game to the latest version of SRPG Studio (as of Dec 2021)
  • – A new single, rebalanced difficulty, including new items, stat buffs, skills and more

DANGEN Entertainment has announced major updates to the following games:


Smelter will receive a major update for PC and consoles titled, “Forged in Hell,” which will include three new modes of gameplay:

  • Action Mode: a modified version of the game which removes the strategy stages and allows players to play through the game in pure action-platforming mayhem, similar to Mega Man.
  • Boss Rush Mode: an unlockable mode that allows players to challenge all of the game’s tough-as-nails bosses in succession.
  • Classic Mode: the original version of the game, combining overhead real-time-strategy stages with action-platforming levels, similar to Actraiser.

The free update will be available on PC on June 6th, and shortly thereafter on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.


Evertried will receive a major update for PC and consoles that includes the following features:

  • Floor Editor (Beta) – Players can now create, play, and edit their own floors. Using the Floor Editor menu, players can design their own completely original floors with the game’s various enemies and hazards, then share them with other players across the globe (internet connection required).
  • Bug Reporting Tool – Players can now report bugs with logs through the pause menu, instead of manually fetching the logs.
  • Automated Report – The game will now detect critical issues and report the logs automatically to increase bug fixing efficiency.

The free update will be available on PC on June 6th, and available on consoles later this year.

Batbarian: Testament of the Primordials

Batbarian will receive a major update to the Challenges Mode on PC and console that includes the following features:

  • – Special levels totally separate from the main game and player stats specific to save files.
  • – Challenges are unlocked based on achievement progress.
  • – Players can continue a challenge from an autosave point with the continue button on the Challenges menu.
  • – Includes Boss Rush Challenge and Gallery Challenge, and more challenges may be added in the future.

The free update will be applied to PC on June 6th, with consoles coming shortly after in June.

Abomi Nation

Abomi Nation will be receiving a massive update for PC on June 6th that includes new creatures and most notably, a collaboration with Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling:

  • – 22 brand-new Abomis (creatures)
  • – 10 guest Abomis from Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling
  • – 13 new Abomi variants (162 Abomis in total)
  • – New attacks, abilities and biomes
  • – New “Fast Battle Mode”

DANGEN Entertainment has announced that Abomi Nation will also officially be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The release date will be announced at a later time.

Kingdom of Night – Uncut Gameplay Showcase

DANGEN Entertainment has unveiled never before seen uncut gameplay from Kingdom of Night in their showcase. The gameplay clip shows new co-op gameplay with two different classes, a battle scene, character dialogue interaction scenes, and a short clip of story.

Kingdom of Night is an 80’s themed isometric, story-driven, action-RPG with an expansive, interconnected map and open-ended quest system. It is a game about coming of age, cosmic horror, and true love. The player takes control of John as his adventure leads him through an hour by hour experience of what may be everyone’s last night on Earth. He will encounter unearthly evils, Demon lords, afflicted townsfolk, high school bullies, and a torrent of engaging, serial-like side stories all nested in a larger-than-life fantasy that brings the ultimate evil to a neighborhood near you.

There are also physical release announcements which include:

Smelter – Red Art games will be releasing Smelter Collector’s Edition for Nintendo Switch and PS4. The physical edition will include a collector box, game, artbook, soundtrack and double-side poster. More details to be announced at a later time.

Stegosoft RPG: Ara Fell & Rise of the Third Power – Limited Run Games will be releasing a physical edition of Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition and Rise of the Third Power for Nintendo Switch and PS4. The physical edition will come in combo form, featuring Stegosoft Games’ two hit RPGs. More details will be announced at a later date.

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