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Delve deep enough, and most countries have a dodgy past they’d rather erase from history. The German’s have the Nazi’s, the US their slave trade, and the UK has the political situation it finds itself in right now for example. But enough satire: Charon’s Staircase is out today on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Charon’s Staircase is an atmospheric first-person horror adventure along the lines of Layers of Fear and P.T. You explore this abandoned mansion piecing together the mystery within. As an agent codenamed ‘Desmond’, you have been sent by The Ministry to destroy the classified documents of the Oack Grove estate.

The kicker here is that this is The Ministry’s own building who, in an attempt to erase their past and join the European Union, want their shady past gone. By removing their horrifying activities from the past, their record should be squeaky clean to be able to join the coalition of nations.

However, for Desmond, things aren’t as they seem in Oack Grove. As he delves deeper, he finds a truly awful discovery known as Project Alpha. Can you help Desmond survive this discovery and other such atrocities committed by The Ministry?

Available on the Xbox Store now, Charon’s Staircase is priced at £30.99. If you fancy a spooky game this Halloween, then look no further. If you are concerned how spooky it is, our review will be coming soon with all the details. Stay tuned.

Game description

In the 1970s, a totalitarian regime known as The Ministry ruled with an iron fist. They committed numerous inhumane and sinister acts during their reign, but those days are over, as they now aspire to join the European Union. You play as an agent codenamed: ‘Desmond’, sent by The Ministry who is tasked with retrieving and destroying classified documents from the Oack Grove estate, that reveal the horrifying activities that happened in the past. Your journey, however, leads you to an unpleasant and gruesome discovery – Project Alpha.

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