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Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo are back – as the fight is set to continue with the release of Dead or Alive 6 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Dead or Alive 6 is here and some 4 years since the Last Round hit Dead or Alive 5, once more Team Ninja are found to be delivering the fighting goods with a ton of brand new stages, plenty of hardcore action and some utterly stunning visuals.

Running as a sequel to Dead or Alive 5, Dead or Alive 6 looks set to be able to ensure that all of Team Ninja’s previous history and skills are brought to the forefront, with a game that will once again look to appeal to the hardcore fighters, alongside those who wish to have a little bit of fun with the customisable fighting route.

Yep, Dead or Alive is well known for it’s wide variety of costume sets and DOA6 will no doubt see that vibe continuing, with the DOA Central allowing you to customise your favourite fighters prior to joining the fight.

But it’s not just about fancy clothes and new threads and DOA6 looks to become the genre leader with all manner of fancy ideas. A triangle system which sees strikes beating throws, throws beating holds, and holds beating strikes should keep the action fresh, whilst a Break Gauge System is now in place to let you execute new tactics; Break Blows or Break Holds.

And that’s not with mentioning the Fatal Rush combo system, or the fact that the new arenas are full of Danger Zones and destructible objects to worry about.

Should you be in the market for a new fighter, and are done with the likes of Tekken 7, then Dead or Alive 6 should most certainly be one to consider. You can grab it right now from the Xbox Store for £54.99, whilst PlayStation 4 and PC players will need to visit their own stores.

If you’re one who is looking to spend many an hour with Dead or Alive 6, then a purchase of the Digital Deluxe Edition may better suit. This brings a Bonus Costume for Kasumi, an Additional Character in Phase 4, the Deluxe Costume Set featuring no less than 25 costumes, and the Deluxe BGM Set with 3 tracks contained within. It’ll cost you £69.99.

Further to that, Nyotengu can be added to the roster for an extra £3.19 whilst Dead or Alive 6 Season Pass 1 will sort out the real hardcore DOA players. A cool £59.99 will allow access to everything that the Season Pass brings – 62 costumes and 2 new characters released between March 2019 – June 2019, with the following all included:

  • DOA6 Happy Wedding Costumes Vol.1 (13 Costumes)
  • DOA6 Happy Wedding Costumes Vol.2 (13 Costumes)
  • DOA6 Costume Pack Vol.1 (13 Costumes)
  • DOA6 Costume Pack Vol.2 (13 Costumes)
  • DOA6 Additional Character Mai Shiranui
  • DOA6 Mai Shiranui Debut Costumes (5 Costumes)
  • DOA6 Additional New Character
  • DOA6 Additional New Character Debut Costumes (5 Costumes)

Game Description:

The long-awaited new installment of the Team Ninja’s top-class fighting game series DEAD OR ALIVE! With brand-new stages and action, DEAD OR ALIVE 6 embodies and illustrates the evolution of the true fighting entertainment!

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