The Square Enix Collective are on a bit of a roll at the moment, what with a huge stand lined up at the upcoming EGX show, and a whole host of interesting titles signed up to their program. Today though comes the news that Deadbeat Heroes is fast approaching its release date – and we won’t have to wait very long at all.

Due for arrival on Xbox One and PC come 10th October 2017, Deadbeat Heroes is a barnstorming 3D brawler set in a comic-book inspired world.

You’ll find a game that brings together agile movement, awesome superpowers and a ton of wise cracks as Deadbeat Heroes charges players with dodging bullets by leaping, dashing, wall-running, climbing and backflipping their way to victory. It will launch with 40 levels, each one populated by a variety of different enemies who can be tamed with movement based attacks and 9 over-the-top superpowers. With the ability to block attacks intentionally removed from play, the result is a style of combat that encourages swift reactions and a focus on versatility.

Deadbeat Productions are the UK-based studio behind the antics, and the team was founded by former Lionhead & Rockstar developers Adam Langridge and Imkan Hayati – two men having earned their stripes working on big name triple-A franchises before setting out to make a mark on their own.

“Deadbeat Heroes is an ode to 3D fighters everywhere,” offered Langridge, Director at Deadbeat Productions. “We wanted to create a modern, movement based brawler, one where the player fully utilises the world around them. There just haven’t been enough of these recently, so we decided put our heads together and push the genre forward.”

“We’ve been heavily influenced by the kind of arcade beat-em-ups we both spent way too much money on in our youth, as well as the comic book aesthetic that was at its peak in the 1960s and 1970s,” added Art Director Imkan Hayati. “We think the result is some pretty darned unique gameplay. Basically, if you love brawlers but want a fresher take, Deadbeat Heroes should be right up your cel-shaded street.”

It was back in March when Square Enix Collective picked up the publishing rights to Deadbeat Heroes, with Phil Elliott – Director of Community & Indie Development at Square Enix London – claiming the game typifies triple-A talent being let off the leash.

“We’ve been excited about bringing Deadbeat Heroes to market ever since it first caught our attention,” said Elliott. “We think this is going to be the first ‘proper’ 3D fighter to make its mark for quite a while. It’s certainly one of the funniest and most colourful games we’ve worked with for some time, and fits perfectly with our goal to bring the most diverse and quality indie games to market.”

Deadbeat Heroes will hit a console and PC near you on 10th October 2017. A £10.99/$14.99 price point makes its release even the more exciting to us. We’ll be sure to remind you when that time comes.


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