I watched the Sony E3 presentation for one reason, and one reason only: its the only place to see Destiny 2!

Bungie brought a new story based trailer to the show, showing Ghaul (although lets be honest, he’s always going to be known as Gary) doing what he does, being an all round bad guy. In the moments after he seals away the Travellers light, he is shown brutalising a poor Guardian, before kicking him off the edge of the tower.

Gary is looking suitably badass, and is the only Cabal I’ve ever seen not wearing a helmet. His beady red eyes and wrinkly white head immediately mark him down as a baddie, even if we hadn’t seen him boot some poor Titan of a building. As the trailer advances, we see the Titan pick himself up and be joined by two more refugees, as we see them find a cache of weapons to carry on the quest to return to Light and defeat Gary.

This is a trailer based purely on story, and from the looks of it Bungie have gone all out this time to ensure there actually is one. If they can bring the elements together into a coherant whole, September 6th 2017 just can’t come soon enough. Oh yeah, they’ve moved the release date up a couple of days now – its the 6th and not the 8th.

And in even more date related news, the beta has finally been announced. On July 18th, PS4 players can dive in, followed, a day later on the 19th, by all us Xbox One players. These are the dates for the pre-order beta, they are then throwing it open for an open beta come July 21st. The beta will end on July 23rd, meaning we get a whole four days with the game! I remember when a beta was a proper length, a week minimum…

In a little addendum at the end of the main trailer, the PS exclusive stuff was revealed and it was pretty much business as usual. They get an extra strike, gear, an exotic sniper and a PvP map. These are exclusive until Fall 2018, so I have hope they’ll appear on Xbox one day.

All in all then, a solid trailer from Bungie, but the real excitement is in those beta dates. I wonder how many holidays I have left…

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