Got some student debt bringing you down? Blast it away with Void Vikings on Xbox One!

Available right now to purchase and download on Xbox One, Void Vikings is, on the face of it, seemingly your usual top down 2.5D arcade space shooter – although this one will see you needing to manage Space Bucks so you can get your student loans paid off.

We say paid, but it’s more a case of completely annihilating them in Void Vikings on Xbox One, and when you combine the lovely premise, the standard shooting gameplay ideas and a pretty damn cheap price tag – yep, £4.19 isn’t going to break the bank – you may well find that Void Vikings is well worth a shot.

Expect to be dipping in and out of arcade shooting gameplay, before delving into the dark world of paying of student loans as you attempt to succeed in the arcade shooter that is now available.

If you fancy giving it a shot then the Xbox Store will sort you out with a download. That £4.19 price tag makes this a more than exciting prospect, but if you need to know more, then our full review should be able to dispatch some knowledge. Keep an eye out for it soon.

Void Vikings on Xbox One Game Description:

Void Vikings is an arcade style top down 2.5D space shooter where intense action is the focus and choosing the right education could pay off. Smartly manage your Space Bucks in order to destroy your student loans before you die. If you succeed your score could sing your praises through all of Valhalla.

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