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It’s been 18 months or so since Devil May Cry 5 delivered its smokin’ sexy style to Xbox One, PS4 and PC, but now that style level jumps up a notch as Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition ups the ante on Xbox Series X|S and PS5. 

Available to purchase and download from the Xbox Store right now for Xbox Series X|S players, and from November 12th for those preferring PS5, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition takes the original game before enhancing it massively, dropping in new features and allowing fans the chance to play as Vergil. 

Priced at £34.99 from the Xbox Store, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition takes the action to the next-gen with upgraded visuals, enhanced audio, and better performance. This will see players given the chance to run frame rates up to 120 fps, run in 4k and take in the battle amid the life-like reflections, pooling shadows, and vivid lighting created using ray tracing technology.

Throw in some 3D audio that will help ensure that Smokin’ Style comes to the fore, letting you pinpoint enemy movements and there is much to love here. Further though and thanks to the power of the next-gen we see this Special Edition add the fan-favorite Legendary Dark Knight difficulty, which drops in a crazy amount of enemies to each encounter, and the increased speed of Turbo Mode for maximum stylish combos.

And finally, Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition introduces a playable Vergil to the latest installment in the Sons of Sparda saga, allowing players to tackle all Devil May Cry 5 missions in Vergil Mode, and the Bloody Palace challenge mode as the infamous Dark Slayer.

If you’re sticking to Xbox One, PS4 or Pc via Steam, you’ll find this Vergil content drop in come December 15th. 

Full features include:

  • – New playable character – Dante’s brother and arch-rival, Vergil
  • – Legendary Dark Knight mode – an extremely challenging horde mode featuring huge numbers of enemies
  • – Turbo Mode – make the game even more intense by playing at 1.2x speed – Ray-tracing support*
  • – this next-generation graphics technology brings the already near-photorealistic world of DMC5 to a new level of unparalleled visual splendour
  • – High Frame-Rate Mode – experience super-smooth action

Get over to the Xbox Store right now, or hold tight for the PlayStation Store to sort out those on PS5 and enjoy the madness of Devil May 5 once again with this Special Edition.

There is a host of brilliant DLC to enjoy too, with all of the following adding to the whole Devil May Cry 5 experience…

  • 100,000 Red Orbs – £1.59
  • 3 Blue Orbs – £1.59
  • Super Character 4-Pack – £6.39
  • Super Vergil Unlock – £2.39
  • 5 Blue Orbs – £2.39 Vergil EX Provacation – £1.59
  • Vergil Battle Track 4-Pack – £1.59
  • V & Vergil Alt Colors – £1.59
  • Taunt Quartet – £5.59 1 Blue Orb – £0.79
  • Complete In-Game – £7.99

If you want to know how it plays, our upcoming review on Xbox Series X will sort you out. 

Game Description:

The legendary stylish action game is better than ever in the ultimate version of this multi-award winning hit. New features include the addition of Dante’s brother and arch-rival, Vergil, as a playable character, Legendary Dark Knight mode, next-gen graphics upgrades and more.

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