spike volleyball xbox one launch

The gaming world has got pretty much every popular sport covered. Football, American football, golf, cricket, tennis and more have all seen numerous attempts to drag us into their experiences, providing the most realistic, most enthralling shows on Earth. But what about volleyball? Well, other than spending time with Super Volley Blast, dink and dig fans have been let wanting. Until now that is as Spike Volleyball attempts to serve an ace onto Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Available right now for digital download, Spike Volleyball from Bigben and Black Sheep on Xbox One, PS4 and PC promises to convey all the skill and speed of real-world volleyball in an experience that will thrill fans of the game. With all the complexities of the game in hand, reproduced via Unreal Engine 4, this hard and fast ball-hitter is doing its utmost to deliver the volleyball world exactly what it is after.

Coming in at a price of £52.99, Spike Volleyball will see no less than 50 national teams across both the men’s and women’s game going head-to-head. Taking place under cover, you’ll need to manage your teams in order to allow them to deliver the fastest speed, hottest reflexes, and most communicative of teamwork for success to hit home. Spiking, blocking, digging, aceing and more will all need to be harnessed for your skills in the volleyball arena to flourish.

Reckon you’ve got what it takes to succeed? Spike Volleyball may just be for you.

If you want to head to the court and spend a bit of time with Spike Volleyball, then you can grab the Xbox One version right now from the Xbox Store. Those on PS4 and PC should pay attention to their own digital placements, whilst a bit of background to how the whole game has come about can be viewed in the latest trailers below. Make sure you check them out.

Game Description:

50 national teams, men’s and women’s, go head to head in a realistic indoor volleyball simulation. Speed, reflexes, teamwork: all the elements needed for success are there for a spectacular sports experience. Manage your own team and take it to the highest level. Enter multiple international tournaments, change your tactics to catch your opponent off guard and become world champions! Spikes, blocks, floaters… Master the skills of volleyball and experience all the thrills of one of the most complex team sports played today, realistically reproduced with the powerful Unreal Engine 4.


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