I’m a big fan of game bundles. Anything that lets you get in on the action, providing two or more games at one great price is always fine by me. And on the face of it, the Digerati ‘Made in USSR’ bundle that has now arrived on Xbox One should be another of those great bundles as it provides two games which are more than worth your time. But the problem with this one is in the pricing.

Available right now for £17.59, the Digerati ‘Made in USSR’ bundle sticks together Dreambreak and #KILLALLZOMBIES in one delightful package. With an adventure set in post cold war USSR and another which thrusts civilians into a zombie filled survival arena, the bundle should suit a number of different gamers.

Or at least it would if the price was a bit different. You see, as it stands, it’s actually cheaper to purchase Dreambreak and #KILLALLZOMBIES separately and by doing so you’ll save an entire penny over the bundle price. Now that seems absolutely ridiculous as the whole point of a bundle should be to deliver great games at a great price. And this doesn’t ever do that.

By all means go and pick up Dreambreak and #KILLALLZOMBIES, because, as our reviews show, they are worth a play. Just make sure you visit the Microsoft Store and purchase them separately though yeah.

Bundle Description:

Dreambreak is an adventure set in an alternative post cold war USSR. A quirky and unique mix of clashing gameplay genres. Get fingered for murder in Soviet Russia without actually going there! Key features: – Multiple endings – Unique blend of action, point and click and Russia – Get fingered for murder #KILLALLZOMBIES thrusts civilians into a survival arena where a ravenous zombie horde is unleashed to kill in the name of entertainment. #KILLALLZOMBIES is an isometric arena style twin stick shooter with integrated streaming interactions.

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