Write them off as just your standard indie developer at your peril, for 10tons are right up there delivering some of the best indie titles to Xbox One. And so the chance to save a bit of cash, and get a couple of games in one big bundle, is possibly too much to ignore.

Available right now on Xbox One is the 10tons Action Puzzle Bundle – a combination of games that delivers terrific value for money. Bringing together Spellspire and Sparkle Unleashed, the Action Puzzle Bundle will set you back just £11.99, which sees a saving of just over £2 on the usual individual prices.

Delivering two rather different experiences, you’ll not find yourself bored with the Action Bundle in just a few minutes as Spellspire brings word and action role playing, whilst Sparkle Unleashed is a brilliant match-3 puzzler that runs with super smooth mechanics. Make sure you hit up both of our reviews on those links.

If you haven’t yet grabbed Spellspire or Sparkle Unleashed and fancy giving them a go, then the Microsoft Store will sort you out.

Bundle Description:

Spellspire is a thrilling mashup of word game and action role playing game. Pick letters from a grid to spell words and shoot them from your wand as spells. The longer the word, the bigger the blast! Sparkle Unleashed is an exciting marble shooter match-three action puzzle with impeccable polish and superbly smooth gameplay!

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