football manager 2022 xbox edition

It’s Football Manager 2022 release day, and you know what that means… losing hours, days, weeks and months of your life to that annual addiction. And this year Football Manager fever is set to hit harder than ever, as it launches on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC, with Xbox Game Pass free access available. 

Football Manager needs no real introduction, but for those unaware of the cultural phenomenon, it’s a game which will put you in charge of your favourite club – or even your dearest enemies – in order to find success, glory and power. Do so, and you’ll prove yourself in the world of FM. Fail, and well, you’ll be left to try over and over until you don’t. We all know that getting the sack is part and parcel of the beautiful game though. Just like it was in Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition, and just like it’ll be in the years ahead.

Available to purchase and play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC (with it on Steam, Epic Games Store and the Microsoft Store), the console version of FM 2022 will set you back £29.99. At least it will unless you have an Xbox Game Pass subscription in hand, in which case the download you need is completely free of charge. 

It’s the Xbox Edition which we are mostly interested in, and whilst our full review of Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition will be along in the days ahead, for now you just need to know the basics. And those basics are anything but as you walk into the dressing room of the biggest teams from the biggest leagues of the biggest nations, all in order to win big. With a backroom team behind you should you so wish – and you WILL want them to take the heat – more depth than you could ever imagine thrown in to the details stats that cover current and future players, and enough tactics and strategies to allow for constant tinkering, we’re pretty sure Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition is going to eat up your life. But then, you knew that anyways…

Key features include:

  • • Manage in the globe’s biggest nations and leagues, delivering moments to remember for the fans at your club.
  • • Let your backroom team power your recruitment as you sign global superstars and identify the wonderkids of tomorrow that you can build a dynasty around.
  • • The most popular playing styles and formations from the footballing world are just a click away, allowing you to hit the ground running and speed through the seasons.
  • • Savour the Matchday action, timing your big tactical calls to perfection as you secure all-important victories. Alternatively, simulate your progress and speed through your fixtures by using the ‘Instant Result’ option.

When you include full next-gen optimisation letting you feel the power of Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Play Anywhere support for times when you want to move from console to PC and back again, there’s a huge chance that SEGA have once again nailed the systems that they are delivering. 

If you wish to find out how Football Manager 2022 plays for yourself, get over to the Xbox Store and take in that download. Whether you pay for it, or use Game Pass is up to you. Just make sure you let us know what you think of it all once you’ve spent a few days hunkered down in the stats. 

Game Description:

Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition returns following last season’s successful campaign, allowing you to speed through the seasons as you compete for the game’s biggest prizes while still packing the quality and finesse of the full simulation experience. New features, game upgrades and licensing updates will be revealed in early October across our social media channels. Get following to stay ahead of the game. FM22 Xbox harnesses the power of Microsoft’s Play Anywhere technology, enabling you to seamlessly transfer your progress between your Windows 10 PC and any Xbox console using the same Xbox Live profile.

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