Are you ready to start your adventure through Icewind Dale but do not know where to start? Fear not – we’re here to let you in on all the secrets to smash your Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance gameplay. The game lets four players take on classic roles through battles and fight off enemy armies.

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If you’re new to Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, we’re here to give you some tips and tricks to get you started.

Run, Run, Run

Don’t waste time on every single combat encounter in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, especially if you want to end the level as soon as possible. If there’s no objective to the fight, just run as fast as possible to the next level. Some levels don’t require you to fight off every single enemy. Simply fight off the main target and get on with the game.

Aggro is super important!

If you’re going by as Catti-brie, you can slam enemies outside of their aggro range, and they cannot do anything about it. This is a great way to eliminate enemies without putting yourself in danger. It’s a win-win situation in our opinion, and you’ll be wise to take our advice!

Don’t lock on with enemies behind you.

This might seem useless as you might miss your attacks completely. Locking on can be damaging to your enemies. However, by locking on, you will not see what is happening behind you. Leave locking on when you’re fighting a larger enemy one on one.

Playing with friends can unlock new moves.

Playing Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance on your own is fun, but with your friends, it’s incredible! When playing the game with friends, you will be able to pull off certain movies like backstabs to trigger Team Attacks. These attacks will manage your enemies easier and make these moves more meaningful and valuable.

The characters you choose symbolise classes.

This is an important tip to remember. The characters that you choose all symbolise a particular class. There are four characters in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance:

·        Drizzt – a ranger who plays like a rogue who’s incredibly good at running and landing Backstab Attacks.

·        Catti-Brie – a fighter who plays like a ranger.

·        Wulfgar – a barbarian who’s excellent for creating high-damage attacks in a straight line.

·        Bruenor – a fighter who’s a great option for close combat and crowd control.

Explore for gold and gear.

Exploring is key in Dark Alliance. The levels are pretty simple and linear but always take the time to explore dead ends and/or branching paths as they might reward you with something big. These rewards are usually gold and gear. Sometimes, you might even come across an optional objective that will grant you extra XP.

Leave the gear swapping between adventures.

The gear that you’re picking up from chests and enemy battles aren’t yours yet. It’s yours after you complete a level and go and collect it from Loot Chest at Kelvin’s Cairn. Only at this point should you sort through your gear and pick out the best for you.

The same goes for unlocking feats, buying moves, improving stats and levelling up. All this should be done between adventures, back at camp.

Finally, do not sell your gear.

All of the gear that you are collecting throughout the game is part of a set. These sets come with Set Bonuses. Once you get three pieces of the same set, you will get rewards such as damage bonuses or resistances. Set Bonuses can make up for other weaknesses you might have, such as less powerful gear. Moral of the story? Hoard your gear and do not sell it straight away. It might be worth your while!

That’s all for our quick tips about Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. We hope you will put these tips to good use, and they will make your gameplay more powerful!