EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil has launched onto Xbox 360 in demo form, I decided to take a look to see if it can sway me towards it being an instant purchase.

I have to point out that as it is a demo, it could be better or worse than what I’ve played but the foundations are laid down for us to see. The layout of menus is set to be identical to those found in FIFA 14 with one difference, a colourful and more vibrant feel to bring the Brazilian flavour to the game. Much like the South African version four years ago it is party time and they want to celebrate the football.

Having eight teams to play with is great as there’s something from each continent for everyone, I of course opted to use England mostly as it is my home nation. Although the new kit has come under fire I’m glad FIFA have been able to bring it in for this. All the teams featured seemed to have a decent selection of first team and reserve players which I believe will be key for those who wish to pick the team they want to see go to the World Cup.

Before and during matches I get a sense of creating a spectacle, they’ve managed to add small portions of well rendered fan models for certain cutscenes and you even get a peek at Mr Hodgson celebrating a goal. Unfortunately those cloned fans, that look better from a distance, can be seen in the close-ups which is a bit silly.

You really want to know, how does it play? Like FIFA 14 to be totally honest I could tell very little difference when passing it around before slicing apart a Brazilian defence. There is one thing that I notice in most of these major tournament spin-offs (Euros and World Cups) and that’s a rather floaty shooting system. When taking shots with powerful right boots like Steven Gerrard I don’t expect it to simply float across towards goal.

It will bring the traditional samba feel to the Xbox 360 that’s for sure and there are those modes that you only see for these events such as Captain Your Country to bring a little freshness to the party. The massive roster of teams will be fantastic because it will cater to a much wider audience than usual. Am I excited? Despite my usual love for all things FIFA I can barely muster up minimal excitement for this.

If you are to buy the official FIFA World Cup Brazil video game (released 15th April North America, 17th Europe & Australia and 24th April Japan) then I don’t believe it’ll hold your attention even until the tournament kicks off. Are you still undecided? Check back for the full review after release and I could be eating humble pie or I could be saving you a few quid.


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[…] EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Demo Thoughts […]

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