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Do you want an RPG which thrives on retro visuals, battles galore and the chance to explore a weird and wonderful, rather magical, world? KEMCO pretty much tick all those boxes with the plethora of RPG’s that have come out of their stable, with Ghost Sync being the latest. 

Previously available on mobile, Ghost Sync now comes to console and PC, with launch on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S (with full next-gen optimisation) in place. It seems to run the usual KEMCO weirdness too, focusing on the tale of a young woman, that of a dog spirit and the soul of a man, all brought together via an Aura system that comes into play. 

Priced at £12.49 from the Xbox Store, with a few little DLC pieces available to complement the main game – Experience x3 for £4.19, No Encounters at £1.69 or Damage x2 costing you £4.19 – Ghost Sync will no doubt be of appeal to anyone familiar with the huge number of KEMCO titles that have launched over the years. 

This one is just as strange as all the others. The main protagonist is a young girl who is on the hunt for some evil beings – the Savarians – but as she goes out questing, she just so happens to bump into a dog. Nothing strange there you may think, but this one has been possessed by a young man. From there, possession of enemies, the summoning of spirits and the usual turn-based battles await, all in order for the world to be saved. 

It’s typical KEMCO nonsense if we’re being honest, but we don’t mind that madness and will be sure to get hands-on in the coming days in order to provide a review of how Ghost Sync plays out on Xbox Series X|S. 

If you wish to take it in for yourself, you’ll find the Xbox Store more than capable of delivering the download of Ghost Sync that you are looking for. It’s on PC through Steam too. 

Let us know if you decide to grab it. 

Game Description:

In a world infested with evil beasts called savarians, a girl is on a journey to hunt these dangerous beings. One day she runs into a dog possessed by the soul of a young man. This meeting triggers a further long adventure awaiting only to reveal what is behind the mystery involving the world fate. Possess looming enemies and summon spirits to support you in turn-based battles with outstanding animations! Take on missions in the Guild to raise your rank, and upgrade weapons to become more powerful. More enjoyment awaits you in this fateful RPG!

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